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Stop Your Dog From Pulling With The Gentle Leader

Updated on November 25, 2010

So I just adopted a Shepard/Lab mix from the shelter and now the fun begins.  He's about 5 months old and pulls like crazy but and I have a solution for me and everyone else with this problem.  So to stop your dog from pulling you can use the gentle leader.  This head harnass for dogs is a miracle and a arm saver.  With it I have seen 100lbs liitle old ladies walk 130lb Mastiffs and more.  This leader I think goes perfect with the old saying where your head goes you go. 

Gentle Leader versus Gentle Leader Harness

Their are two different types of gentle leader you can use to stop dogs from pulling. The gentle leader head control goes with one strap around the back out the neck and a thin strap around the nose. The only downfall to this one is people think it's a muzzle and it's not at all your dog can still do everything unlike a muzzle. The straps hit two unique muscles and locations the first strap around the back of the neck focuses on a muscle used to calm dogs down just like their mother would use. The second around the dogs top part of the nose focuses on the act that wild dogs use to calm a lesser dog down in a fight. Also it gives you complete control over your dogs pulling with giving you head control.

The Gentle Leader Harness is a different look at the collar since it doesn't look like a muzzle people actually prefer this.  It works by giving you a different focus of control on the front of the dogs chest so that you can practically guide your dog.  The Gentle Leader Harness works just as well as the other one but is alot more difficult to put on and slips off easier.

Easy Walk Harness

Their are many benefits from the gentle leader and easy walk harness, but one trick is actually keeping it on your dog or stopping them from digging at it.  Treat everytime you put it on, give them a couple treats when putting it on and when they are not digging at it.  Dogs will usually dig it at it for about a week sometimes two weeks but it gets less and less as time goes on. 

Also don't let your dog dig at it, many people when the dog starts messing with it just let them do it.  Don't do that when they do that give them a slight pull to get their atention if calling their name doesn't work.

Dog Pulling on Leash

Their is a easy solution to this like I said get a gentle leader it will be the best $2o you could ever spend on your dog. Save your arm muscles and looking like a fool with your dog dragging you down the road and look like your in complete control with a gentle leader or easy walk harness. Many people choose not to walk their dogs because they pull and choke themselves. Stop using Chokers, Pinch collars, think of it would you like to wear one of those around your neck. These do damage if not used by professionals.

The Starmark plastic pinch collar is about the only safe alternative to the pinch collar.


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    • gracenotes profile image


      7 years ago from North Texas

      I have used the headcollar (Haltie?) in the past. But currently I use the Easy Walk Harness, and it seems to be working well for my miniature schnauzer.

      There's a lot that goes into curing a dog of pulling. I stopped my poodle from doing it, but she only wears a collar and leash.

    • caninecrtitics profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Massachusetts

      I will have to remember that, I love the she can still bite you. Good one Lexi

    • LexiXB profile image


      8 years ago

      Head collars are miraculous ! They instantly cured my lab of pulling. You are right on about them being mistaken for muzzles. When people ask me if it is a muzzle I like to say, "No. She can still bite you."


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