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How to Stop a Dog's Ear From Bleeding

Updated on January 12, 2011

Stop Bleeding From a Dog's Ear

Have you ever had to stop a dog's ear from bleeding. Even the slightest nick on a dog's ear can lead to excessive bleeding. Which makes the dog want to shake their head causing more bleeding which leads to more shaking and so on. The following article describes a solution that I came up with that worked great for my dog without having to use a wrap of sticky ace bandage type stuff that will make your dog miserable.

You want me to wear a what on my head?
You want me to wear a what on my head?

Wash the wound thoroughly, it may best best to put them in the bathtub so you can wash with soap and water. It may also be a good idea to flush the wound with hydrogen peroxide.

You may need someone to restrain your dog from shaking their head further as you prepare for the bandaging process.
Find a tube sock of a size that will work for your dog. I found that Dr. Scholls Diabetic socks work great because the leg part is a loose thick mesh.
Using your scissors cut the leg part away from the foot part of the sock.
Then about midway along the leg part cut a slit about the size of your dog's ear. This will be for the healthy ear to hang out.

Using a Telfa Pad bandage without adhesive tabs (1/2 a paper towel will work in a pinch) put some antibacterial ointment like Bacitracin in the middle of the bandage and fold it over the effected part of the ear. Then fold the bleeding dog ear back over the head toward the other ear.

Holding the folded over ear in place slide the sock tube over your dog's head, positioning it so that the other ear can stick out of the hole you made.
You want the dressing to be snug but not restrictive. If it is too loose it will fall away. If it's too tight it will be uncomfortable.

Now your best friend is ready for transport to the vet's office in case they need stiches.

Other stretchy materials may work also like panty hose. Change bandages as needed but you can reuse the sock. Your pet may need veterinarian care. When in doubt, call your vet.



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    • profile image

      BJ's Mom 4 years ago

      This was ingenious. We worked for hours to stop the bleeding from our German Shorthair. Finally I found your post and we did it. Used an old soccer sock. So far so good. Thank you!

    • Patrick Donohue profile image

      Patrick Donohue 4 years ago

      Chitosan based products may work well for animals because the chitosan fibers naturally cling to the red blood cells. Here's how it works:

    • profile image

      nancy 5 years ago

      I used most of this idea - but i used a kotex pad (wrapped it around the ear-adhesive side out) and put a sock on it and put him in his cage and its worked so far

    • profile image

      Mikayla 5 years ago

      My doh as lost a lot of blood its all over the bak yard and hes still bleeding!!!

    • profile image

      aj 5 years ago

      what if you have been putting hydrogen peroxide but it still does bleed we are so scared please help us!!

    • profile image

      pat 6 years ago

      this is a great idea - will try it-