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Stop Your Jack Russell Terrier From Digging

Updated on June 5, 2009

Learn How To Stop Your Jack Russell Terrier From Digging up the Yard

Does your Jack Russell Terrier love to dig? Do you need sod plugs regularly to fill in the spots? Its not your dogs fault it was bred into him to want to do this Jack Russells are natural hunters so 10 to 1 he is just trying to rid your (his)yard of those fun little pests (moles, gophers, rabbits, snakes, turtles and the list goes on).

Teaching your Jack Russell not to hunt is like trying to teach a bunny not to hop can't be done. However you can get them to stop hunting in the traditional hole digging way!

Stop A Jack Russell from Digging

First treat the yard.

To stop your Jack Russell from digging up your yard you have to take away the hunt, first and foremost. Otherwise you will go hoarse from saying no. Treat the yard for pests that are undergroung there are many resources from sonic therapy to plants and fragrances that will make these vermine keep away. Once this is done you will notice fewer bald spots hills and holes.

Jack Russell Anxiety Digging

Still got holes and the yard has no bugs?

Once the yard is treated for pests and vermine your Jack Russell may still be digging at which point there is an underlying issue he is bored or lonely and needs something to do. Dogs should be able to self pacify with toys, balls, squeekies, bones however Jack Russells need theirs to kinda interact with them floppy toys work great, tough toys that hang and might move about in the wind to distract from the boredom. You gotta give them something to chase.

Jack Russell Terrier - No More Digging

The holes have stopped however he is still balding the ground. Jack Russell Terriers like most dogs like the cool feel of dirt especially on a really hot day. At this point if your Jack Russell Terrier is still Digging look around the yard is there a soft shaded cool place to lay down? Where did he dig the hole or peel the grass? If there doesn't seem to be any reason for the hole maybe he just dug a spot to put his poo? If all else fails you can always fill the hole with your dogs waste cover it and the dog will not dig there again they don't like stepping in it any more than we do.

Gotta hole horror story let us know about it!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      my Jack Russell Terriers keeps peeing every where in the do u have any hint to make him stop peeing every where thank u

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      My Jack Russell is starting to dig away a hole to lay in beside the side of my house. We just had the yard resown and I have sprayed the area with doggie be gone stuff but it isn't phasing her. She is almost 12 years old. Do you have any helpful hints?