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Stopping Excessive Dog Barking in your Household is Possible

Updated on October 22, 2012

You may have given up and be at the point where you are seriously thinking about getting rid of your beloved pet because you have not been successful at stopping the excessive dog barking.

You may have tried rewards and treats when they have remained quiet or maybe even tried to separate the dog from whatever he or she is barking at.

This may be an effective way to solve barking problems for many dogs but some will be naturally prone to be more vocal.

There are obedience schools for dogs that may be effective for helping you train your pet to bark less and you can have them trained for other general obedience needs as well.

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Using a Dog Bark Collar

Even this will not be effective for all dogs and then you may find yourself needing a dog bark collar to interrupt the dog each time they bark when they shouldn't.

This may be done by using a loud audible noise that is uncomfortable to the animal's ears or even a small electrical shock that literally shocks your pet to interrupt their barking.

Both of these can be effective as a stop dog barking device and you will find some advanced features available that should be able to teach any dog to stop making too much noise.

There are even dog bark collars that use a gentle spray of citronella that will interrupt your pet as well.

Some of the more advanced electrical models will actually adjust how hard they shock your dog as they are used over a continuous period of time.

You may search for other features and read reviews from others who have had to use these types of products to help stop excessive dog barking.

How To Choose The Right Device

How to stop dog barking is a big question in many neighborhoods and, even though this is a natural dog behavior that shouldn't be stopped completely, it should be kept down to a point where it is not interfering with your life let alone your neighbors.

Reading reviews for the most effective models for whichever type of device you decide to use will let you have some idea of how they have performed in a real life situation.

You may also want to search by price if you are on a budget and stick to the reviews of those models you can afford.

Taking time to research your options may help save time when training your pet and, if you were really at the point of getting rid of them, give them a chance to stay with your family.

Dog Bark Collars Are Safe

The technological advances available today have made the electrical dog bark collars completely safe for your pet and this may be the most effective method for particularly stubborn dogs.

This is a common problem with some dog breeds and you may have learned this the hard way.

It saddens many families when they must get rid of a dog because they bark too much.

If excessive barking is the only reason you are contemplating the idea of getting rid of a pet you love otherwise it may be time to look at some of the dog bark collars available.


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