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Stray Dog Statistics are Highest in 11 Years in the UK

Updated on August 28, 2012

About a month and a half ago I wrote an article concerning the topic of adopting a pet that you can also view is one of my other hubs here at hubpages. One of the main points I illustrated was that there is an ever-growing problem with the cat and dog crisis and that rehoming centres are having to put down perfectly healthy animals due to the lack of space.

Having heard a news report on Radio 1 I have discovered that 120,000 stray dogs were found and taken in by authorities within the last year. That’s the highest this figure has been for over 11 years. Some new figures have recently been released by the Dogs Trust showing that on average, 345 dogs are being found and taken to dog shelters/kennels/centres every day. The figures also show that from a total of 7,571 dogs, 1 in 20 are having to be put down as not all dogs are being rehomed and there just isn’t any room.

Whilst listening to the news report I found myself feeling astonished that this problem was increasing in volume rather than decreasing. The fact that so many healthy dogs are being put down is a very sad thing indeed. As you may have read in my blog that I have just started, I am going to be bringing a dog into my household in the near future. The more and more I read up on where to get my dog from the more I know that I should do my bit and adopt a dog from a shelter/kennel/centre.

With reports like the one mentioned above surfacing more and more I am hoping that other potential dog owners will also consider adopting. Even if there is a particular breed you’d like, I’d still say it’s worthwhile looking around your local rehoming centres first and seeing how you get on with all the pups in there.

The Dogs Trust is calling for the government to make microchipping compulsory and I agree. If every dog is microchipped then it may make owners who no longer want their dog more responsible and accountable for their actions. If a dog is microchipped and becomes lost, is no longer wanted or, as is increasingly the case, can’t be afforded, then the owner will be more likely to take the dog to a safe place, such as a rehoming centre, rather than just put it out on the street.

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Table of Importance

Number of Stray Dogs Found
Time Span
12 Months
Highest in 11 years!


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