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Updated on April 23, 2016

" EVERY DOG HAS A DAY", "BARKING DOG SELDOM BITES", these are the proverbs that are used world wide in comparison with dog. What is this means? What is the relationship of a human beings with a dog? what made human to make this proverbs in relation with dogs? A diversified study is needed to analyse this topic.

In the early centuries dogs were also treated as a wild animal. Men used to throw stone at this dogs because they were of dog. Subsequently, humans known to know that these dogs are very much attached to them. It was giving positive response to the reaction given by them. This made human to make some experiments with regard to dogs. Finally dogs won the experiment and from that time on-wards , both men and dog become strong companions.

Jogging with Dog
Jogging with Dog

Ancient Dogs Vs Man:

centuries has gone, Now dogs and men are unbreakable friends of life. In the morning, when just look around there may be some jogging men with dogs. So this must understand that, a dog is accompanying man for jogging. This is the trust a man over his dog.

By identifying the opportunities, men understood the entertainments that can done with a dog. Men is some what cunning too. They found out the business market for dogs also. They identified that physical appearance will create a market for dogs. So they started to make different physical structure to dogs by cutting its hair, shaping its body etc. Now these dogs have huge market all over the world.

But still there are people who are loving dogs like a family member. For them, business mind will never emerge in their life time as they consider their dogs as their everything.

Street Dogs
Street Dogs

In the same time, now a days there are dogs which are wandering in street who do not have an owner to protect. They are not getting the sufficient food at intervals. One thing they are getting is stone. People throwing stones at these wandering dogs. By wandering here and there, they will be get infected with diseases. In such a case it it bites anyone, that person will also infected and will die with rabies. So the state council usually kill these wandering dogs to avoid such issue.

In conclusion, man is considering dogs in racist mind. Dogs with excellent size, shapes and looks are getting consideration from humans side. Those dogs are getting good food, protection, status etc. But on other side, those dogs which are wandering around are getting discrimination and brutally killed in public for humans. Street Dogs are living organisms, please give at least that much consideration. This earth is for them also, let them Live...


In the present scenario, a lot of loud voice coming against street dogs. As it is attacking men, the government also in India in trouble. what to do , what not to do is a confusing fact from governments side. If take a decision to kill, the animal lovers will strike against goverment, if leave, common people will strike. As the human is supreme power, most probably, the law will be in support of human. in the same time rather than killing, a positive decision must be taken by the government towards these ever time companion of humans.

does street dogs to be killed if it is dangerous to human?

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companions of men
companions of men

Street dogs attack


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  • DeborahNeyens profile image

    Deborah Neyens 

    6 years ago from Iowa

    I love my dog like any other member of the family and it breaks my heart to think about the street dogs who have no one to love. Thanks for bringing attention to their plight.


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