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Stress Relief Coat For Cats

Updated on January 27, 2015

What Causes Stress in Cats

When new visitors come into your home, does that cause your cat to go hide under the bed or in other places? Or does bringing a new kitten or a new baby home cause your cat to be stressed? Your cat ends up hissing at the kitten or stands at a distance away from the baby. New people and new pets cause a cat to become stressed because they are unfamiliar to them. And besides being territorial, cats are naturally solitary animals.

Moving into a new home causes stress to your cat because the surroundings are new. Cats do not like change. They are routine. Taking a cat in a car ride stresses them. My cat meows almost the whole time when I take her to the vet. Again, that's because it is new to her. And some cats get motion sickness while traveling in a car. And of course Illness will cause a cat to feel stressed.

Symptoms of Stress

Your cat pulls out its fur

It hides under the bed or in other places

It urinates outside of the litter box

It meows excessively

It has decreased energy and a loss of appetite

It can show signs of aggression

How the Calm Cat Anti Anxiety & Stress Relief Coat Works

The design of the coat applies a gentle, constant pressure on the cat's torso, and this pressure has a calming effect for most cats. It works like acupressure. Pressure is put on other animals to calm them, {for example cattle}. The coat has to fit snuggly to work. If it's too loose the cat may work its way out of it. The coat has a velcro closure which makes it easy to put on and take off and it is machine washable.

The coat is a safer alternative to using other methods of calming your cat. It doesn't contain pheromones or drugs. For example, those cat calming sprays contain pheromones. Pheromones contain alcohol and if your cat ingests the wet spray, that can cause stomach upset.

What Size Coat Does my Cat Need?

Size large is for cats 16" to 25" and weighing more than 13 pounds.

Size Medium is for cats 12" to 17" and weighing 9 to 13 pounds.

Size small is for cats 8" to 14" and weighing less than 9 pounds.

A relaxed, stress-free cat


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