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Striped Dogs

Updated on February 19, 2019

Sharply Striped Dogs Do Not Exist

There are are surprised when I say that there is no such thing as a dog with distinct stripes. Pictures of dogs with zebra or tiger-like stripes can be easily found online, but none of these dogs were born with these patterns. As described, dogs depicted with sharply define stripes are created with dye or bleach, or a product of Photoshop. And where claims are made that the dogs are born this way (see "Chinese tiger dog"), these claims are simply not true.

They are Bleached or...

The is a small market, notably in China but also in Japan, for dyed tiger stripe puppies. The gullible believe these are a natural breed. You will see them referred to as the Chinese or Japanese Striped Dog. Most of them are made by bleaching black puppies rather than dying pale colored puppies. The height of this was around 2010 and it seems to have become less common in recent years. Sellers may claim the dogs are from a striped breed but the bleach stripes will fade away a the puppy grows and sheds. (On the more sinister side, dog pelts with dyed stripes are also sometimes passed off as coming from more exotic animals.)


False claims about striped dogs are certainly not new. The story goes that Poochie, shown below, was born with these bold black and white stripes. But Poochie is a zebra dog in the same way Tijuana donkeys are zebra donkeys, his colors come out of a can. This is clearly the kind of pattern a person would paint on an animal, not the type an animal of any kind would naturally grow. If any credible journalist believe this shaggy dog story, well I guess maybe those were simpler times.

Non-Toxic Paint can Create a Harmless Costume

People also sometimes give dogs temporary stripes as part of a tiger or zebra costume. Maybe for Halloween, to emulate a sports mascot... or just for the heck of it. For example: Sacramento (2013).

However some people persist in including dogs with obviously painted stripes on lists of dogs with interesting natural-born coloration patterns. The only natural stripe pattern found in all species of dogs has a very different appearance, the brindle as shown below.


But the Closest Thing to a Naturally Striped Dog is Brindle

Many breeds of dog show diffuse black lines often with a black mask. Brindle coats are sometimes referred too as "tiger striped". In reality the stripes are much less defined. Brindle coats have mottled, not sharply defined, streaks that are mostly black (eumelanin) or mostly brown (phaeomelanin). With dilution factor the colors may be expressed in paler grey or fawn colors. Brindle has been shown to be caused by the expression of a single gene in breeds such as the boxer, greyhound, and French bulldog.


The closest to a true stripe I have seen in a brindle is the dog pictured above. Molly is a female Akita in the Netherlands, pictured in 2007.

Weimaraner Puppies

One other unusual presentation of stripes is in Weimaraner puppies have pale tan or gray stripes for just the first few days after they are born.


Exotic Dogs

However if you look outside of the domesticated dog, there are other species of canid that naturally have stripes. These include the African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) and hyena. And other dog-like animals like the Australian thylacine (a.k.a. Tasmanian tiger).


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    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      oh, i never knew that dogs had stripes too


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