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Successful Aquarium in 10 Easy Steps

Updated on September 9, 2016
Planted Tropical Aquarium
Planted Tropical Aquarium

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Types of Aquariums

The 3 most common types of aquariums are:

  • Cold Water Aquarium

  • Tropical Aquarium

  • Marine Aquarium

Types of aquariums

First thing to do is decide what type of aquarium we wish to have and what kind of fishes we would like to have.

  • Tropical Aquarium ( is an aquarium with water conditions similar to those of tropical lakes or rivers) - Such aquaria host tropical fishes (Guppies, Swordtails, Gurami, Scalary etc)
  • Cold water aquarium ( is an aquarium with water conditions of high mountain lakes and rivers) - Such aquariums usually host cold water fishes (Goldfish, Oranda, Koi etc)
  • Marine aquarium is an aquarium with water conditions of oceans or seas, such aquaria host saltwater and marine fishes (Clown fish, Tang, Sea Puffer.. etc..)


Difficulty in taking care of each type of Aquarium

Type of Aquarium
Difficulty Level
Coldwater Aquarium
Tropic Aquarium


Did you know that:

  • Some tropical fishes give birth to live larvae (guppies, swordtales, mollies)
  • Some tropical fishes breath directly from the air and not from the water (Siamese Betta Fish)
  • Koi fishes can live more than 200 years

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So lets see what we need for this hobby

  • Aquarium with stand or if we have a stable place to put an aquarium on then stand is not necessary.
  • Filter (to clean the water of aquarium tank using 3 types of filtration (biological, chemical and mechanical).
  • Air-pump (to supply our aquarium water with air, so our creatures can breath and beneficial bacteria in filter can thrive.
  • Air-stone (wooden air-stones are great , they allow necessary amount of oxygen from air-pump to dissolve into the water).
  • Water-pump (to circulate water of aquarium). A proper circulation of water in any aquaria system is essential and beneficial for both fishes, invertebrates and beneficial bacteria that help in keeping the balance of water under control.
  • Gravel
  • Plants (tropical or cold water)
  • Aquarium thermostat (especially for tropical aquariums)
  • Water conditioners (to simulate the water of aquarium to those of nature)

Tips for having a successful aquarium.

  • Before buying different types of fishes, make sure they are compatible with each other.
  • When buying a fish, always keep in mind the final size of the fish (fish will grow)
  • Do not buy and place too many fishes into small aquarium (1 liter per 1cm of fish) for fresh water aquariums. For marine water ( 5 liter per 1 cm) . Example freshwater aquarium (100 liter tank = 50 fishes x 2cm each).

10 Easy Steps to Follow to Create an Aquarium

  1. Place an aquarium on stable stand and make sure that your floor can hold the weight of aquarium with water, gravel and all the decorations you may place inside.
  2. Connect the filter to the aquarium and make sure that it is stable and it is attached perfectly following manufacturer manual.
  3. Wash the gravel well and place it into the aquarium. Put decorations on the gravel as you like (keep in mind that they must be especially made for aquariums).
  4. Connect the air-stone with pump using air-pump rubber and place it inside the aquarium (make sure that air-stone is stable and it wont flow up when you add water into the aquarium).
  5. Place water-pump into the aquarium.
  6. Fill the aquarium using internal/external filter if possible or add directly the water on to the plate previously placed on the gravel so the falling water wont disturb your gravel and decorations.
  7. Add water conditioner directly into the water following manufacturer's dosage.
  8. Connect all devices to electricity.
  9. Let aquarium circulate for 2 weeks before adding anything alive. Keep the lights turned off to avoid unnecessary algae growth.
  10. Make 30 % water change on 12th day and do not forget to add water conditioner before mixing new water with existing one.

Cold water aquarium

Reef Tank


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    • Schoolmom24 profile image

      Schoolmom24 4 years ago from Oregon

      I was hub hopping and found this...great, informative hub! We just have a very small tropical tank and my husband is the one in charge of that. We have countless pets in our house, too...but the only spiders we have are the ones not welcome! ;)

      I'm new to hubpages so hope you'll stop by if you can...

      Voted up!

    • SAM ELDER profile image

      SAM ELDER 4 years ago from Home

      Thank you for stepping by..

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Wow awesome hub! before we have aquarium when i was 14 -13 yrs old. It was a memorable part of my childhood