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Sugar Glider Information Cage F.A.Q.'s

Updated on October 15, 2011

Sugar Gliders In General

Sugar gliders are also known as "sugar bears" and also more commonly as "shuggies".They are native to Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia, and New Guinea. Shuggies have pouches where the young go for protection and birth making them marsupials, much like a kangaroo. Sugar Gliders cannot fly although they have recorded one gliding 150 feet. In the wild sugar gliders live high in the trees, and rarely ever touch the ground.

Sugar Glider Pictures

Jose Before His Surgery
Jose Before His Surgery
Jose Before His Surgery
Jose Before His Surgery
Sugar Glider Cage
Sugar Glider Cage

Sugar Glider Cage F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sugar Glider Cages

What should I put in my sugar glider cage?

A: You should always make sure that you give them a few choices of where to sleep. They also love toys to death so the more toys you can give them the better. Make sure to have a water bottle and a food dish of course. Besides that you can just fill it with cage accessories like hammocks, swings, corner pieces, trampolines, and whatever else they love.

What should I avoid putting in my sugar glider cage?

A: Avoid metal at all costs it can be hazardous to their health. You should also avoid things like treated wood, heating pads, heating rocks, material that's not fleece, toys that they could get there fingers caught on, mostly try to just stick with fleece, plastic, and untreated wood.

What size sugar glider cage is too small?

A: I would never keep a sugar glider in anything smaller than 5ft long, 5ft deep, and 5ft high. Although I 3ft x 3ft x 3ft would provide 2 shuggies with a big enough living environment. The bigger the better though.

What size sugar glider cage is to big?

A: I am going to have to say that no cage is too big. Although I like to keep my enclosures less 10ft long for cleaning purposes. They often times make a huge mess with their food and territory marking so I like to cut down the amount of space they can consume on the ground. I try to build there cages more tall than worry about it's length.

What is the perfect cage size for a sugar glider?

A: A 4ft long 3ft wide and 8 ft tall enclosure would be the perfect size cage for a colony. I keep mine in a 8ft x 3ft x 8ft enclosure I just deal with the mess. The larger the living space the more accessories and places to hide and sleep you should have. Also the larger the cage the harder of a time you will have finding your pets.

What size mesh should be used in my sugar glider cage?

A: Stick with 1/4in mesh. This will ensure that if a pair of gliders ever has babies they will not be able to crawl through the mesh. Also this is small enough that they will never try to stick there heads through it. Even if they do try they will fail epically.

What mesh is safe in my sugar glider cage?

A: Plastic mesh is best because it is easy to clean and does not absorb liquids. This means all you have to do is give it a good hosing and it will be good to go. Make sure to avoid metal for many cautious reason.

What toys should I put in my sugar glider cage?

A: Toys that make your pet think are the best. Sense shuggies are some of the most intellectual creatures they like to be challenged. This can be as easy as tying knots in a rope or two of even getting more problematic for them.

How many toys should I have in my sugar glider cage?

A: Depending on the size of your cage you can have as many as you would like. Obviously you do not want the toys to be a hazard for instance like if you filled a room with toys and you couldn't see the floor your child is going to get hurt just moving, same with your sugar glider to many obstacle in there way and they may end up hurting themselves.

How can I make toys for my sugar glider cage?

A: This is very simple after you know what not to buy. All you have to do is go to a dollar store and purchase a bunch of $1 toys. Use your imagination and you will end up with some crazy cool toys. Little Balls, hair ties, anything cheap, even bubble blowers work great.

What is the cheapest way to make toys for a sugar glider cage?

A: Cheapest way will always be making them yourself. You can buy a ton of plastic links at Lowes for under $10. Buy these and buy a ton of plastic little kid toys and go to town, be creative.

Where can I buy cheap sugar glider toys?

A: Online is the best place to find toys. I have had great success using Ebay to find home made toy ideas. So if you do not want to make the toys then just buy them. It is just as cheap you just have to pay shipping inmost cases.

What toys are sugar gliders not allowed to have?

A: Toys that have metal I would avoid. Any material that is other than fleece I would also avoid because sugar gliders get there fingernails stuck in the material.

What sugar glider toys should I avoid in the cage?

A: Anything that is metal should be avoided. Also any toys that could potentially be dangerous should be left out.

Why does my sugar glider cage smell?

A: More than likely you either do not clean it enough or you have a bad diet for your sugar glider. The diet is the leading cause in odor so make sure you have chosen a healthy diet if you need some advice check out the links below the article.

What to do if my sugar glider cage smells?

A: Clean it! No I am kidding I am assuming you have already tried this step before asking this question. If so the diet you choose has a lot to do with odor. Make sure you are not over feeding to begin with other than that make sure it is a good healthy diet.

How often should I clean my sugar glider cage?

A: I would spray out your cage at least once or twice a week. The smaller the cage the more you should clean it. If you have a metal cage be very cautious while cleaning make sure to dry it off well before putting the gliders back in. If you have a PVC pipe cage just hose it off and let it dry.

How should I clean my sugar glider cage?

A: If you have a PVC pipe cage just hose it off and let it dry. If you have a metal cage take a 1:8 bleach solution and rub it down and dry it off. Make sure while using a metal cage to clean regularly and dry good.

What should I use to clean my sugar glider cage?

A: A mild bleach solution works great most people recommend a 1:2 ratio but I suggest using 1:8. 1 part bleach for 8 parts water. This ensures if I do leave a wet area it will not kill the glider.

What type of bedding is best for my sugar glider cage?

A: I try to avoid bedding in the cage completely. I use a wire bottom cage and just catch everything from the tray underneath. Bedding can often cause splinters and many other issues and should be avoided.

What is a safe bedding for my sugar glider cage?

A: A safe bedding would be aspen bedding if you decide to use a bedding although I recommend not using any bedding at all. If provided with a sleeping pouch and somewhere to catch there mess they will be perfect with no bedding.

What type cage is best for a sugar glider?

A: PVC pipe cages are one of the cheapest, easiest to build, lightest, healthiest, and most easy to clean cages available. You can make one yourself often times for under $100 and make it exactly how you want it. Metal cages should be avoided at all costs.

How to build an inexpensive sugar glider cage?

A: Draw up how you want your cage to look and from there go purchase PVC pipe and the appropriate fittings. From there all you need is zip ties and the mesh and you're done. Step by step DIY article below in the links.

Why does PVC make the healthiest sugar glider cage?

A: Is does not absorb urine or any liquid. It is very light making it very transportable meaning it gets cleaned more. Other than that it is very clean and can just be hosed off and dried. It does not lead to any health problems associated with grooming and is all around healthiest choice in a cage.

Where to buy a PVC pipe cage?

A: You can find PVC pipe cages all over the internet although you will not find them in many stores. The best place to look for a PVC pipe cage would be Ebay or a flee market. I am starting a site spacifiacly for PVC cages it will be up within a few weeks I'll keep an update.

Where can I find a DIY PVC pipe cage?

A: You can find instructions be low on how to build your own PVC pipe cage for under $100. You can also search the web and find a few different home made cages available for pretty cheap.

Can I overcrowd my sugar glider cage?

A: Yes you want to avoid putting to much in there cage or it could possibly turn out as a hazard. If your sugar glider cannot jump around without running into toys and things you should probably uncrowd your cage a tad bit. Make it roomy, you wouldn't fill your kids room to the ceiling with toys.

What type fabric should I use in my sugar glider cage?

A: Fleece is the best fabric available for pouches and cage accessories. Fleece will need to be replaced after wear and tear normally a little over 6 months. Just check for wearing and loose threads.

What type material should I avoid in my sugar glider cage?

A: Anything that they can get there nails caught on. Fabric is the leading cause in injury and you should make sure you have nothing dangerous in your cage. They can hurt themselves very easily so make sure you are being on the safe side.

What type material should I use for my sugar glider sleeping pouch?

A: Fleece should be used for everything. Fleece is one of the best fabrics available although it should be replaced every 6 months it is very durable and safe. It also needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis.

How often should I mix up the stuff in my sugar glider cage?

A: A sugar glider cage shouldn't be mixed up to often because it can cause stress but adding and subtracting toys is a great way to stimulate there minds. They are very social and love playing so always provide them with the best environment possible. Give them toys that can test there mind.

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      2 years ago

      What would be a good cleaning schedule for their cage?

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      Sarah S 

      4 years ago

      Hey there,

      I've been doing some research on gliders. Is it safe to turn a hutch into a glider cage? I was thinking of removing glass panels and attaching mesh. Also cutting out the bottom and attaching mesh while a tray under would catch waste...


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