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Sugar Glider Pouches All Designs

Updated on April 12, 2011

Custom Sugar Glider Pouches

Sugar Glider Pouchs are very important for your glider, especially when it comes to bonding with your glider. Glider pouches come in many different types and designs. You have a unlimited supply of design for Sugar Glider Pouches.

  • Zipper pouches
  • Regular Pouches
  • Triangle Pouches
  • Square zipper Pouch
  • Zipper pouches with mesh window
  • Bonding Pouch

If your bonding with your sugar glider you will want to use the zipper pouch so that you can keep an eye on your sugar glider and it can be around your neck and close to your chest. Sugar Gliders bond better at a younger age when they are next to a heartbeat it's like being next to their mother. I prefer the zipper pouch for pretty much anything other than in the cage. Until you trust your sugar glider i recommend using the zipper pouch and you can even use it when you have two sugar gliders.

Their are also kits that you can buy that come with 15 pieces ranging from multiple pouches, ropes, and toys. These are best to get when they are made from fleece because then you can wash them any time that you want. The different patterns are unlimited and on ebay people make them in pretty much anything you can imagine.

If you click on the above ebay links alot of those guys make custom pouches for you, you decide what you want and they will make it.


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