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Summer camp and no dogs

Updated on June 28, 2012

Tomorrow afternoon, I will leave home for five days because camp counselor training begins. I have done the training before so that’s not an issue, and I know I’ll only be away from home for five days, but I feel different leaving Sam and Bosley this time. When the semester ended, for some reason, I wasn’t surprised that I was finally done with college, in part, because I knew it was time. And so, when I graduated May 19th and came home it felt like more than just another summer vacation. I felt like I was home again. And now, because counselor training starts tomorrow, I’m kind of at odds. I think, it’s because its summer and during the summer, for the most part, at home, it’s just the dogs and I. I love it. But it’s weird because I’ve been in this situation before. But, after camp, another semester began. Maybe it’s the uncertainty of what will happen after camp? That’s five weeks away though. And really, I don’t think that’s it. For some reason I think I don’t want to leave Sam and Bosley this time.

Bosley requires so much more work than Sam ever has. He needs to be groomed every so often and so that’s $40 for a dog’s haircut. Whereas Sam, I can just brush her and she’ll look just as lovely. But Bosley also needs to be walked a thousand times a day. As for Sam, I just open the door and she does what she needs to. Watching TV earlier, with the only noise coming from the TV, randomly, Bosley started growling. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it’s the voices in his head? I don’t even take his growls seriously anymore. His growling, barking and need to be continuously walked is a tired chore, but… I still love him. Earlier when I was watching TV, he took it upon himself to jump up, on the chair and then onto me. He knows I don’t mind. And he’s right, I don’t. Is it his free will that makes me love him so much? He’s so opposite of Sam. Sam thinks before she acts. Whereas Bosley, well, I doubt he knows how to think on the same level as Sam. Maybe it’s because of her age? But he’s seven. So I don’t think age is the reason. Sam however, she chose to go to bed early. She doesn’t growl, bark or make any random noises. After sleeping for a few hours, she just got up, strolled downstairs and got herself a drink. Then, she merely strolled back into the room and laid back down and appears to be asleep again. So why am I at odds?

I took Sam for a ride the other day and she loved it. For most of the ride, her head was out the window. Why do dogs do that? My dad once pointed out, that it’s dangerous because something could fly into her eyes. Completely true and logical, but I don’t think I could deny her the freedom she seems to feel when she sticks her head out the window. I feel as if, by taking her for random rides, that’s our special time because Bosley is nowhere in sight. I can’t help but wonder if she thinks this too. I don’t want to be paranoid because the vet said Sam is healthy other than the likelihood that she has dementia. I’ve never lost a pet and so I can’t help but wonder if I’m at odds because she’s old and it could happen when I’m away. I doubt I’ll ever be prepared to lose her, but I shouldn’t focus on that either. So maybe because, for the most part, I know what to expect at camp and some of those aspects just are not appealing. Plus, there’s the fact that at home, I have a nice bed with two wonderful four-legged roommates and at camp I’ll be sleeping among strangers who probably snore and will make noise when I’m trying to sleep.

But really, I think, it’s because I’m settled and always seem to enjoy their company. They don’t talk back, it doesn’t take much work to take them anywhere and their schedule revolves around mine. I guess it’s just because they’re the family I can’t talk to on the phone when away. I hope I’ll enjoy camp, but if I could, I know I’d take them with me and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. The days will fly and the heat will be horrible, but I do have to live my life. Even if it means I’m not with my two best four-legged friends for a few days. Fortunately, I know they’ll understand and when I come home, they’ll be just as happy to see me as I’ll be to see them.

Bosley waiting for his belly to be rubbed
Bosley waiting for his belly to be rubbed
Sam waiting for her belly to be rubbed
Sam waiting for her belly to be rubbed


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