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Sustainable Agriculture | compact manure spreader | for the small equestrian ranch and hobby farm

Updated on August 21, 2013

The E-Z Manure Spreaders are perfect for saw dust and wood chip bedding

The E-Z Manure Spreaders from Cottage Craft Works are perfect for the small hobby farm or equestrian ranch. They can be pulled by a compact tractor or ATV

If you're planning to purchase a compact manure spreader for your small ranch or hobby farm you have made the right decision. What better way to utilize this rich fertilizer and recycle this valuable renewable agriculture resource in your sustainable operation, while doing something you need to do anyway cleaning out your barns and pens.

The E-Z spreaders from Cottage Craft Works are perfect for the small hobby farm or equestrian ranch. They can be pulled by a garden tractor, compact tractor, or ATV utilizing a standard ball hitch. EZ Spreaders require no PTO hook-up; they operate entirely from the wheels as they are being pulled by a 10 hp or greater towing rig. At a ground speed between 5-6 MPH the shredder will throw a 10’ wide path.

Before you purchase you really should check out the E-Z Models 25 (25 bushel) and E-Z Model 35 (35 bushel) from Cottage Craft Works. Once you understand these spreaders are constructed of heavier duty welded 11 gauge steel and are still made one at a time in an Amish shop you will begin to appreciate why these manure spreaders might just be your best option.

The quality craftsmanship, the use of heavier gauge metals the heavier duty roller chains, and the attention to detail just places them at a level above the rest on the market. In fact they are so well built you might consider going together with others to split the cost, or use these in a rental fleet.

You might think the price would be untouchable with this level of hands on workmanship and heavier gauge material, but soon you also realize these spreaders are priced very comparable to the leading competitors and even far less than some.

The two models are identical except the EZ Model 35 is 9’ just one foot longer than the EZ Model 25 8’ model. The model 25 empty weight is 700 lbs and the Model 35 empty weight is 750 lbs. Larger farm size models are also available.

Both Models require only 3’ clearance for loading, allowing small compact tractor and steer loaders the ability to load with low barn beam and ceiling clearance. Both models are only 60” wide allowing them to be maneuvered into small gates, barns and pens.

Cottage Craft Works is a unique small family owned American company. The owners have spent over 30 years developing friendships and relations within the Amish communities. These are small family owned shops with very little overhead and marketing cost to pass on to the consumers. In fact Cottage Craft Works provides these shops a unique market place, where all types of back-to-basics products have been brought together to form a complete sustainable living general store.

You will only find the EZ Manure Spreaders online to purchase at Cottage Craft Works. Click on this link Cottage Craft Works Sustainable Agriculture Equipment, or go the


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