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The Swedish Warmblood Horse Breed Facts and Information

Updated on May 18, 2011

Swedish Warmbloods originated in Stromsholm, Sweden during the early 1600's from the interbreeding of mostly Spanish and Friesian Stallions and local Swedish horses. In the beginning the Swedish Warmblood was a very diverse breed of horse that wasn't very well established or distinct.

Early on, Swedish Warmbloods were shipped out to countries like Hungary, Turkey, Russia, France, England, Spain, Germany as favored riding horses by both civilians and the military. For a while the Swedish Warmblood was thick horse in appearance, and it wasn't until later years that these Swedish horses were interbred with Hanoverians, Thoroughbreds, Arabian horses, and Trakehners that this breed became a one of a kind official breed of horses.

After a few rounds of selective interbreeding of horses, the Swedish Warmbloods became more effient horses. In more recent years again more Thoroughbreds, Hanoverians, Hampelmanns, Hamlets, Schwabliso, and Tribuns were infused with these Swedish horses. Today, the Swedish Warmblood horse is most commonly used in the dressage, eventing, and show jumping horse community, although Swedish Warmbloods are highly capable for many other tasks, since Swedish Warmbloods are an incredibly versatile breed of horses.

Swedish Warmblood Horse Temperament

This Swedish Warmbloods display friendly and gentle personalities that are very stable and difficult to excite. These Swedish Horses tend to be noticeably calm and reserved, but that doesn't mean that these horses don't love to socialize with people. Swedish Warmblood horses actually are some of the out off all the types of horses when it comes to their temperaments. That's why when it comes down to it, I rate the Swedish Warmblood Horse Temperament with a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars!


swedish warmblood horse
swedish warmblood horse

Swedish Warmblood Horse Appearance

This Swedish horse breed has a handsome looking head that's held up by a lengthy, attractive neck. Their bodies are well built and compact, and this breed of horses tends to exhibit muscular quarters. Swedish Warmbloods displays powerful legs that makes these animals an outstanding choice as jumping horses.

Swedish Warmbloods are one of the tallest horse breeds and tend to measure around roughly 16.2 hh to 16.3 hh in height. Generally speaking though the Swedish Warmblood Stallions tend to be taller than the Swedish Warmblood mares . Swedish Warmblood Stallions also tend to be more popular and sought out more than Warmblood mares for the most part.

Swedish Warmblood Coat

Swedish Warmbloods more times than not are born with come in coat colors that range from Brown, Bay, Gray, and Chestnut. However, these Swedish horses are able to come in most any solid color coat.


swedish warmbloods
swedish warmbloods

The Swedish Warmblood Association and Swedish Warmbloods for Sale

If you would like to learn more or participate in Swedish Warmblood activities and events, check out your local Swedish Warmblood Association. The Swedish Warmblood Association is a great way to find Swedish Warmbloods for sale, Swedish Warmblood mares for sale, or Swedish Warmblood stallions for sale in either your area or state. Generally speaking, it's not always the easiest thing to find Swedish Warmblood mares for sale and Swedish Warmblood stallions for sale, but by using your Swedish Warmblood Association, you'll have a far easier time in Swedish Warmbloods for sale.


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