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Swollen Anal Glands in Dogs

Updated on February 27, 2013

Dog's Point of View

It's embarrassing and no one wants to talk about it but frankly, right now, it's all I can think about!!! I keep rubbing my bum on the floors-- scooting around really, just trying to get that insatiable itch out of there!!! My mother can do the trick, when she does that thing, it hurts for a second and then it's pure release pleasure!!! The smell is a bit fishy and rotten but boy, oh boy, I feel much better after she releases these swollen pockets. These swollen pockets are full of fluids and develop on the rear end of dogs. They are called anal glands or anal sacs.

How to Get Rid of Anal Sacs

Wrap your dog up in a blanket and put on some gloves. Carefully squeeze the glands that are swollen around our anus, we will squirm and try to get away-- this isn't all that comfortable, although sometimes the itch is so bad we want you to do this! Just like the zits you humans get, this thing erupts. I can't see my own when it happens but I've watched my mom pop my sisters’ anal glands from afar. I don’t get close, like I said… anal glands can really stink!!!


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