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Synspilum Cichlids-Care of These Colorful Fish

Updated on June 20, 2012

Synspilum Cichilds

The Synspilum fish is an extremely colorful Cichlid from the waters of Guatemala, Belize. The Synspilum Cichlid is also found in lower parts of the Yucatan Peninsula, located in the far southern part of Mexico. The South American Cichlids are some of the most amazing fish.

When it comes to finding an amazing fish to fill tanks and aquariums, in my opinion as a fish keeper you can not beat the Synspilum Cichlids. They make your fish tanks and aquariums stand out. You can fill the tanks with only one kind of fish, yet there is not to Synspilum Chichlids colored the same. Each of these amazing fish have three different color forms. Those colors include a pinkish-red, light green, and a beautiful turquoise color. These amazing fish look as if they change colors while swimming along the glass in fish tanks and aquariums.

When in the wild the Synspilum Cichlids feed on seeds, plant matter, and fruit that falls in the water. As for in tanks and home aquariums such as mine you can feed them cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini, and fresh spinach.

This is important, you must have an absolute amount of 55 gallons of water for every two adult Synspilum Chichlids. The 55 gallons is the least amount of water you can have for them to survive. Its also very important to have a good mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration system. The best tank for these fish is really around the size of mine, 135 gallons.

Though a good filtration system is needed, don't use under gravel filters. Due to the fact these fish dig and would dig into the filter, that would reduce the flow through their gravel. Thus meaning your under gravel filter would be no good, but on that note you need gravel in your tank. I would recommend you do as I did and have at least one to two inches of gravel (pee-sized) covering the bottom of your tank.

Alright another great point to cover would be plants. These little fish love and I mean love live plants in their tanks and aquariums. They really love thick leafed plants such as plants from the Amazon. However, if your do not have a green thumb it is alright to use plastic plants.

The Synspilum Cichlids fish is an extremely great fish to have. Plus, all your friends will be amazed and love watching your new pet as well. Tropical fish are always fun to have in your home and they always make a great conversation starter for parties and gatherings.

For your home a fish such as the Synspilum Cichlids would be a great added feature. Yet another great tip you should remember these are very highly aggressive fish and I do not recommend you mixing other kinds among them.

So now you know what this type of little fish eats, and does. Also you know how much water they need and what all their tank or aquarium should include. Next step for you is to go out and find your new little fish and enjoy watching them. So set back and enjoy the tranquility and serenity feeling your new fish can give you.


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    • profile image

      GS46 23 months ago

      I would like to correct the error that I made earlier on the previous post. I have Synspilum cichlids with other cichlids like Paratilapia polleni, black belt cichlids, and two 12 inch peruno catfish. All cichlids are over 9 inches they feed on crickets, sometimes vegetables, Hikari cichlid Bio-Gold+, black worms and occasionally feeding fish. They are very healthy and very bright colors. Right now just looking forward to a Hibrid Paratilapia/ Synspilum.

    • profile image

      GS46 23 months ago

      So your clothes are very semi aggressive fish but I feed mine all types of things from vegetables to crawfish fish dry foods and at the same time they do very well with other tank mates not only their own species they are very colorful and at the same time I have 2 Peruno catfish they are 12 inches long that's two of them I also have them with a black belt cichlids which is also a good tank mate at the same time you can breed a black belt with Synspilum cichlids also have a flowerhorns Midas in my hundred gallon tank.