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Updated on June 24, 2010


 First thing to think about when keeping dogs or any type of animals is do you have the space, time and money to give this animal a good quality of life. Dogs are hard work because thay need walks atleast twice a day and demand care and attention all the time. Sum dogs will be more energetic than others and will need more of your time.

All dogs have different personalities some will be lazy and some will have twice as much energy than you. Dogs live for only about 14 - 15 years and in that time you want to give them the best possible life and there are many ways in which you can do this.

  • make sure thay have a healthy diet
  • make sure thay have a secure lifestyle
  • make sure you give them all the attention as much as you can, when you can
  • love the dog as if it was one of the family and no doubt it will show you the affection back

when looking after a dog you need to make the dog awear that you are the boss the alfa male if you like and then the dog will respect you and do wot you tell it at the end of the day you control the dogs life not the other way round and this can be done with out using nasty techniques and can be quite enjoyable for the both of you. If you do not assert authority then the dog will be uncontrollable.NOT GOOD.An this could lead to the dog being taken a way or the dog could injure you or other animals or people which will not be tolerated and the dog will be taken off you and you could get a ban on keeping animals or the dog will be destroyed which nobody wants to happen.

As long as you are responsible and get the suitable help if needed you and your dog will live good enjoyable lives and also remember to have the write equipment and toys for the dog you own E.G. strong and secure collier and lead or in some cases harness, write size food and water bowls, grooming kits and all other essentials.

Just remember every body finds their own way to look after their pets so just use this as guide lines.


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