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Table Covers, Crate Covers for Wire Dog Crates

Updated on January 28, 2011

Wire Dog Crate Table Cover

Purchasing a wire dog crate is a great investment if you need more information on what to look for in a crate check out my other article wire dog crate. Also if you have a escape artist or a dog that can chew through their crate and yes it does happen you can check out Indestructible dog crate that has a lot of information on what to look for in a dog crate that is alot more durable. After you buy the crate purchasing a wire dog crate cover is a good idea for both out side and inside sometimes the metal dog crate is not the best piece of furniture for the room and can kind of throw the whole theme of the room off no nee to worry you can dress it up with a wire dog crate cover from Midwest.

Wire Dog Crate Nylon Crate Cover

Here is a wire dog crate cover for someone looking to cover it up but still make it accessible when needed. Their are more sizes and different prices just click the picture to go to amazon so you can view other sizes and prices. These are a nice cherry finish make sure to pay attention to the size of your crate so that you can get the right size for your wire dog crate cover. Remember these just fit the metal crates not the plastic kennels. The crate is also sold separate.

Midwest Metal Dog Crate

Next we have a little bit cheaper dog crate cover that you can use indoors and outdoors. These are great for outdoors because you can keep the crate outside for added cover from the sun for your dog to lay in. As well as inside for hiding the crate from view or some dogs like a little more privacy and don't like to be in the lime light all the time. The Polyester one from midwest comes in a lot of different sizes so that you can fit all crate styles. It also works for crates with multiple doors and has a part where you can slide out the crate tray. If you need replacements and can't find the trays in stores check out Replacement dog crate trays for great deals found no where else.

The Precision dog crate cover is great to because it comes in two different colors navy and tan. Also 6 different sizes for the dog crates out their. Tailor-fit, heavy-duty water resistant fabric constructed with reinforced double stitching and heavy duty zippers, allows for outside or inside usage.

These are perfect for puppy training because they are easy to use. When looking for one:

  1. Find the right size
  2. Find a machine washable cover
  3. make sure it accommodates your style of dog crate.
  4. Find your color you want.



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