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How To Take Care Of A Betta Fish

Updated on March 24, 2013

Bringing The Betta Fish Home

This is a practicly the main step, and the beginning for a healthy and happy betta fish. Before you purchase your betta fish it's important for you to have the right accessories as well as cleaning utensils. Before putting your betta fish in a tank you have to take some water, and let the water adjust to the room temperature. You cannot just put water out of the sink into the tank or this will significantly affect your fish and harm it. Once the water is at room temperature which will take up to at least 24 hours you can pour the water in the tank. Wait at least 3 minutes after you put the water in the tank then release your betta fish into the tank.

Betta Image

An image of a blue and red male betta.
An image of a blue and red male betta.
A betta in a clean tank. Well, this tank is just a little to fancy.
A betta in a clean tank. Well, this tank is just a little to fancy.

Cleaning Your Betta Tank

Cleaning the betta tank may seem like a hard and rather boring job, but it is very important to your fish. Before you start doing anything make sure you have room temperature water ready. Get an extra cup or something that can temporarly hold your betta, and simply pour your betta into the extra cup. Once your betta fish is out you can move on to cleaning the tank itself. Empty all the water in the tank and pour normal water into it. Rinse and release the water, do this at least 5 times and your tank is ready. Pour the rooom temperature water in the tank, and slowly release your betta in the tank.


Betta fish are known to be aggresive, and therefore you can only keep one betta in a tank. If you try to keep two or more bettas in a tank they will fight each other until only one is left. Bettas also like privacy so don't keep your tank just empty keep some trees, rocks, or decorations that way you will have a happy betta fish. Clean out your tank at least once a week once in two weeks max. The more cleaner the tank is the more healthier your fish is going to be. Also don't keep bettas in a dark room or in a place with dim lights if they don't get enough light bettas go blind and eventually die.

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