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A Conversation With Your Pet

Updated on January 21, 2018
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Alison has been practicing Animal Communication for over twelve years. She has a certificate from The Gurney Institute.

Does your pet seem troubled? Do you wonder what he’s thinking?

Do you ever wonder about a pet that has passed over? We all wish we could talk to our pets, but what you may not know is that you already do.

Animals communicate through energy. They don’t see us as humans, we are just another species in their vast animal kingdom. They communicate with humans the same way they communicate with other animals through pictures in their mind. We communicate back the same way. Proof of this is asking your dog not to do something and your dog does just what you asked them not to. Your dog was reading your mind, not listening to your words.

We all have a connection to the entire universe. Therefore you have a connection with your beloved pet and even other humans. Most people don't nurture their energy sources so they become dormant.

Just because it's not verbal does not mean it's not effective. For example how many times have you gotten up and changed your dog’s water even if it wasn’t low? Who told you to do it? Quite likely your dog did. Your dog may have gone to his bowl seen that the water was not to his liking wished for fresh. Viola!!!! They communicate the picture of fresh water and you received it. Just by his mere thinking about it you picked up on the energy and changed the water. It happens more than you think during your daily routine and it happens with people even more.

Try this trick with a friend. Sit down near each other and facing each other. Talk for a moment about anything that pops up. Now stop, be silent for a moment to clear your head. Each of you think of a color, but don’t tell the other one what it is. Write it down on a piece of paper and fold it up. Now tell each other what color you were thinking of and show them your paper. In eighty percent of the cases people pick the right color. If you didn’t get the color right don’t fret most of us carry baggage with us that block energy paths. Because we have jobs to think about, kids to raise and a house to take care of we often get caught up in life and don’t have a clear enough mind to connect or disconnect in some cases.

We sometimes get a disconnect with our pets too, but don't worry its easy to reconnect. A good way to start is to spend some good quality time with your dog. Turn off the cell phone or leave it home and take your four-legged friend for a walk. This is a good time to do yourself and your pet a favor. Watch your dog interact with nature and follow suit and interact with your dog. Just mere walking in nature is helps to clean some of the cob webs out of your energy.

As children we are naturally connected with our world. Remember your imaginary friends? You had tea parties with them took them everywhere in your pocket and carried on full conversations with them. Ever have a full on conversation with your childhood pet? I have had plenty. Because adults don’t question children having imaginary friends we develop the communication skill quite well. As we get older though we are told to put away our imaginary friends and ideas and take on adult responsibilities. We end up stifling our natural abilities to communicate with the world around us.

To reestablish those earlier gifts it takes nothing more than spending time with what ever you want to connect with. I’m sure your pet will be willing to give up as much time as you want with them. Get to know them and take the chance to really listen to them. Lie down next to them and let your mind wander. Now be silent and clear your head of your daily tasks. Ask your pet a question such as what is their favorite toy. Chances are something will come to you almost immediately. This really is your pet talking to you. Now that you know that, go get it and play with them.

Earlier I told you your pet reads your mind. Bearing this in mind to communicate with them you must be careful how you relay messages. Animals don’t have a complex vocabulary, so the way you are going to relate to them has to be pretty basic. For instance always tell a dog exactly what you want from them. If you want them to stay off the road you need to tell them where you want them to stand. So, your conversation might go something like this, “I need you to stay on the sidewalk.” By saying it this way you are picturing your dog staying on the sidewalk and that is what your dog sees. If you want them to stop chewing on your shoes, show them a toy in your mind and tell them to chew on that toy. If you picture your shoes your dog is going to see them as the thing you want them to chew on.

You want to use words that make pictures in your mind. That is how your dog reads you. And that is why they can also pick up on anxiety and illness. While your dog does understand about 200 words it is what you are picturing in your mind that is what they react to.

Also dogs don't understand negative words. When talking to your dog use positive words. Don't use words like don’t, can’t or no. Those words don't register with them. They are words that don’t put the correct pictures in your pet's mind, so they basically ignore them.

Your pet wants nothing more than to be “your everything.” They talk to you everyday and they believe you talk to them. Take the time to connect or reconnect with them. For your peace of mind and hers take a walk, find a quiet place to meditate, take time to cuddle and play with you them. Before you know it you will have regular conversations with your dog. They will appreciate it and its good for you as well.


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