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Dog Obedience Training For Good Behavior

Updated on November 17, 2014
The moment your dog shows interest in interacting with you, that's a sure sign that you can now start training him.
The moment your dog shows interest in interacting with you, that's a sure sign that you can now start training him. | Source

Training Methods

Bad dog behaviour is a concern to all dog owners. Problems such as bad temper, snarling, biting, constant barking and aggression towards other dogs are real, and if they are not dealt with properly, these types of issues can cause a great deal of stress and upset. Therefore, as soon as it is possible, even if they are a young puppy, training and working on unwanted behaviors should start straight away. It is important to realise that every dog is special and each one has different needs, so for that reason it is important to bond with your pet, and to familiarize yourself with your dog’s eccentricities.

Dog training is more than teaching your dog to sit, heel, lay down, and come to you. Obedience training methods instruct your dog on how to interact with you in a proper manner and in a social and community setting. And this starts at an early age. Dog owners should develop a leader-follower relationship with their dog in a calm, non aggressive style. If you assume leadership while being forgiving and kind to your dog, then they will respect the need to submit to your commands in a similar fashion. They will see you as their leader and want to please you. Now if you understand the significance of this, you can start by familiarizing on your own, the simple ways on how to educate your dog and enjoy the close bond you can create.

Dog lovers face many challenges training their dog so the moment your dog shows interest in cooperating with you, then this is a positive sign that you can start training. In your initial training sessions there are some points to be considered. Firstly, in respect to your dog, if you educate it well, they will end up being a satisfied, happy dog because of it.

Secondly, ensure the best size collar to fit your dog when using leash training. The retracting chains are a great device to use and you can adjust how much you permit your dog to take from you. Remember though, to always use a light hand when walking your dog on the chain until they get used to it. It is common for them to pull against you in the beginning. If you draw on the chain to hard you might harm your dog. The other consideration is dog treats which can be used in special ways.

So, when you are ready to start obedience training, here are my 5 tips on Dog Obedience to train your dog achieve important fundamentals in proper behavior.

# 1: Timing is Crucial to Appropriate Rewarding.

Dog owners who are new to training believe that it depends on their dog as to whether the training session is a success. The truth is that there is more credence placed on the person doing the training and the way they connect with their dog than of the dog performance. This is why timing as an incentive is so important. You are connecting and communicating with your dog through treats to instil good behavior. The benefit needs to be offered quickly when your dog does something right; or even partially right. So if you delay the reward (treat) for a few moments, your dog will be puzzled about what she or he did right. Rewarding good behavior should always be immediate or not at all.

# 2: Storing throughout Training.

You don't want your dog to be solely focused on the treats and not on the training, so it is best to store them secretly during each session. That being said you also need to have the ability to quickly get them to offer them straight away. A pocket or a clip bag kept on you is an ideal option while training. Never allow your dog to get to them. If they do, calmly put them back into the correct position with a strong command of no!

# 3: The Clicker and Treats.

Treats are very reliable training tool nevertheless the Clicker can assist a great deal more. When used along with treats, your animal will definitely have a much easier time recognizing what you are attempting to teach them. The clicker discharges the exact same click each time, lessening the probability of misunderstanding. Clickers are normally offered for a reasonable price at your local pet shop.

# 4: Integrating Dog Treats and Praise

Although dog treats during obedience training are extremely popular, it’s a good idea to use praise as well and to avoid the need to reward with just treats alone. If you use treats only it will create an assumption in your dog that it will only work if there are food incentives. This will begin to impact his or her weight So as an alternative, combine dog treats with praise. Treats may be given for special achievements while the rest of the training can be rewarded with praise. You may be thrilled to learn how far a good word along with some affection can go with your dog.

# 5: Training Treat Size

Dog treats promoted for obedience training are usually very small. Use this as an indication when picking your own incentives. Never use a full biscuit that is normally planned for snack time. Consider cutting it into little pieces or acquiring readymade pet treats. Remember, the point is not to feed your dog but to instruct them.

The methods on dog obedience are varied and many experts have they own distinct way of dealing with a full range of issues. However, it is universally accepted that you as your dog’s trainer need to develop a leader-follower relationship with them. If this is done through kindness and patience, then the chances of success are high. Training sessions by nature are physical workouts like walking and command exercise which keep your dog active and alert. This activity is essential for their health and vitality.

Dog training is integral to having a well behaved and respectful dog. In addition, they will receive the necessary exercise to burn calories, stimulate their minds, and keep them healthy and balanced. Your dog won't suffer boredom and or anxiety, which can lead to destructive behaviors. It will create a strong bond between you which will last. So if you have a puppy, start educating him on good behavior as soon as possible. When all's said and done you will have a truly loyal, happy, fit and contented companion, one you and your whole family will love forever.


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