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Teaching Your Pet Guinea Pig Tricks

Updated on September 27, 2011
Guinea pig with tricks
Guinea pig with tricks

My Guinea Pig Knows Tricks

Guinea pigs are capable of learning tricks and you can teach them. You just have to experiment and have patience, because Guinea pigs have hidden tricks which you will never discover unless you begin learning your Guinea pig. One day, I placed my Guinea pig in a tall bucket with very little water and was astonished at her behavior. Look at the video and see for yourself, what I accidentally discovered about my Guinea pig.

Teaching your Guinea Pig tricks is part of the enjoyment of owning a guinea pig. There is always a fun factor in pets, which adds to the full enjoyment of keeping pets. Most people who own guinea pigs as pets may want to train or teach them tricks in order to entertain or to show off for their friends and family; whereas on the other hand, some people prefer guinea pigs which are already trained and disciplined. Whatever the reason may be, training any pet is a real job and you can train your guinea pig any way you like. Bear in mind, that it is better if you train your pet with the tricks, which are not harmful for them. If you are an owner of a guinea pig and want to train it, then there are certain things you should really consider:

Rules to train your guinea pig:

First and foremost, what you need to understand as the owner of a Guinea Pig is that Guinea Pigs are similar to other pets and it will take you some time to train yours. Moreover, you need to be very patient while training your pet Guinea Pig as it may require you to devote lots of time and hard work. In addition, proper care and love for your pet is also of utmost importance.

Training Your Pet Guinea Pig

Before commencing with the training of your pet, the first thing you should do is observe its behavior. Once you have an inclination as to your pet’s natural behavior, you will have a better understanding as to how to proceed and how you should tackle the training. Always conduct training in steps, repeating those steps as much as possible to achieve maximum results. Another area of great importance is where you train your pet; therefore, consider using an area that is free of noise and distraction. Remember that, you’ll have far greater luck with training your Guinea Pig after bonding with it. To achieve success of any kind, it’s imperative that you develop a good relationship with your pet while gaining trust in the process.

In training any pet, basically what you want to do is take a physically occurring behavior of the pet and associate it to a stimulus, such as a whistle or a clap. So, you should be well prepared to train your pet. Create a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, so that you can achieve great results when training your pet. Whenever your Guinea pig does whatever you want him/her to do, whistle or clap and after that particular act, reward him/her with some food. In that way the guinea pig will soon understand that whenever a trick is done, then a reward will be given.

So, start bonding with your Guinea pig if you have not. One way you can do this is by allowing your pet to sit in your lap or eat from your hands. In order for you to succeed at this Guinea pig training endeavor, you will need to establish trust. Let your Guinea pig get accustomed to your smell and show her love.

My Guinea pig jumps from a bucket


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    • profile image

      Katie 5 years ago

      Ur pig is going to die in that water, when it gets wet it loses it's important oils and will catch a cold, unlike us they can't produce Vitamen C so it will likely die

    • profile image

      laura 5 years ago

      wow that is awsome dude I will give feedback soon

    • profile image

      addie 5 years ago

      that is very helpful

    • profile image

      awesomeness 5 years ago

      ong ur pigggy is blue

    • profile image

      guinea pig lover 6 years ago

      hey i my g pig is quite skitish and not that smart can he still learn tricks?

    • profile image

      hop 6 years ago


    • Shahe Asekeen profile image

      Md Shahe Asekeen 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      i just love your writing style. nice bro.