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Teacup Boston Terrier

Updated on July 18, 2011

What is a Teacup Breed?

First thing first: what is a teacup breed. A teacup dog, by definition, is a purebred dog which is so small that it is capable of fitting into a teacup. The most interesting thing about a teacup dog is that they have to be bred multiple times before they can be considered teacup. The process in doing this is fairly straightforward: take the runt of one litter and breed it with runt of another litter, then repeat the process until the offspring are of teacup size.

Upon looking at it, one could say that the whole process is borderline animal cruelty. Think about it:

They are taking the runts of the litter - which usually are the weakest of all the puppies - and breeding it with another runt. This is like the anti-Darwinian way of evolution. Darwin stated that fitness - an animals ability to survive - would be one of the determining factors on who and what would breed together; in other words the strongest would breed with the strongest so that the most favorable traits would be given to the offspring, and hence a greater change of survival. By mating the two runts together and trying to get a teacup, you're going against the ebb and flow of that.

On the side of things one could argue that your giving these runts the chance to breed and have existence - and without that there would never be any teacup dogs in this world.



Normal Boston Terriers are compact and muscular dogs, and you should expect anything less from a teacup Boston terrier.  They come in white or black and have a very distinguishable face  - square muzzles, with large dark eyes that are spread far apart.  You will notice a slightly arched neck and a wide chest.  A general rule of thumb for a teacup Boston terrier is to take all the physical dimensions - its height, chest width, weight - and divide it by around 3.  Because that's all a teacup Boston terrier is:  a downsized version of a Boston terrier. 

Teacup Boston Terrier

The good thing about the teacup Boston terrier, and probably the main reason why they are so popular, is that they are strong, touch dogs; they are built muscular and have a very strong bone structure. This is key to having a healthy teacup dog that will have much longevity, and therefore easily makes a teacup Boston terrier a perfect choice. In general a teacup Boston terrier won't way more than 10 pounds and will look even less - but don't fret. This is only because how muscular and fit these animals are and you'll be surprised when picking it up how heavy it can be.

It should also be noted that a teacup Boston Terrier is not it's own breed, but just an undersized Boston Terrier. There are other teacup breeds which are purebred, but those are much more rare and much more expensive to bring into a home. Teacup Boston terriers are bred, like stated above, until they are of desired size. Although this can bring some more health problems to the dog, the majority of the time the teacup Boston terrier will behave, and have the same problems, of a normal Boston terrier.


Your Teacup Boston Terrier will act the same as a normal Boston Terrier.
Your Teacup Boston Terrier will act the same as a normal Boston Terrier.

The Personality of a Teacup Boston Terrier

A teacup Boston terrier has the exact same personality of a Boston Terrier. The characterstics of such a personality are usually:

  • Very smart.
  • Stubborn if not trained from an early age.
  • Loyal and friendly if trained properly.
  • The amazing thing about a Boston terrier, and a teacup Boston terrier, is that they be whatever you want them to be. As long as they are trained properly they can be, for example, a wonderful family dogs that plays with the kids or a nice solitary companion. The choice is up to you.
  • If not housebroken properly, however, they can develop a bit of a Napoleon complex; this means they may at times act bigger than they are and show some aggression to other dogs. This can become a major problem for a teacup Boston terrier; it won't think that it is so much smaller and weaker than it is, and may pick fights with much bigger dogs.
  • May develop bad habits.
  • Playful.
  • Tend to bark a lot in quiet environments. Good thing if you want your dog to act like an alarm.

Treat your Teacup Boston Terrier well.
Treat your Teacup Boston Terrier well.

Grooming and Health for a Teacup Boston Terrier

One of the best things of getting a teacup sized animals is that they require much less grooming than normal sized animals, and the same rings true for the teacup Boston Terrier. They have very short fur that rarely requires any kind of clipping. They do have a sensitive face which you should take great detail of - especially if you have a teacup breed. What may happen is that reddish stains may develop around the eyes. To avoid this gently rub a warm cloth of hot water every few days to clean out the area; a teacup Boston Terrier is especially susceptible to this so please take caution.

Like stated before the health of a teacup Boston terrier greatly depends on how the health of it's mother and father was. Since they only exist because of down-breeding they are much more likely to be born with health issues than a normal dog. Knowing this its safe to assume that the life expectancy of a teacup dog is lower than a normal dog; that's not to say a teacup dog won't live as long, or even longer, but it is saying that the majority will live less. Teacup animals are a new type of breed - a human feat in the engineering of creation you could say - so tread likely. Study your teacup Boston terrier; learn its mannerism, its health problems, its physical features. Because I'm sure there are some secrets in there that haven't been discovered yet.



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    • profile image


      11 months ago

      I have a 14 year old Boston who has never weighed over 10 pounds. I got her when she was about 6 months old and the vet told me that she wouldn’t live past 2-3 because of her size. Boy was she wrong! My Mini has gone blind and deaf in the past year but still has some spunk! I love my little Boston to death! ♥️

    • ziyena profile image

      Ziyena Brazos 

      20 months ago from Somewhere in Time ...

      I love my Teacup Boston ,,, she is a jewel and damn cute. thanks for the fun read

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think the pill boxes are handy too, although I would only use them for aicylrcs. So glad you had a great time and your elan (antelope?) painting is fantastic! Your style + lots of color, it's an eye catcher.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just want to say I am just newbie to blgnoigg and site-building and truly savored your web page. Probably I’m likely to bookmark your site . You actually come with good well written articles. Many thanks for sharing your web page.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      @bt lover


    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Does anyone know where i can buy a tea cup boston terrier?

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 

      8 years ago from Oklahoma

      I have a regular size male Boston Terrier. I didn't know teacup versions existed. Mine has never exhibited the stubborn traits but I hear the females are more so than the males.

    • profile image

      bt lover 

      8 years ago

      just put poison in the puppy's food when they are little this will stunt their growth by giving them liver failure and small weight and size from diarreah,, i use engine coolant and rat poisoning seems to work well,, i also poison the mothers when they are pregnant only problem is if the litter is deformed then i have to throw them away but they don't die if you just throw them in the trash and their crying is really annoying so better to put them in the sink garbage disposal but sometimes their bones will clog the drain, but totatlly worth it for that teacup look :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i LUV bostons!

    • vanchen profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from British Columbia

      If you actually read the article , Susan, you would see that I'm not actually in favor of teacup breeds and the process in which they are developed.

      Thanks for the comment, though.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am a breeder of registered boston terriers, I find this site very undesirable, as this is why P.E.T.A is as strong as they are, they are trying to stop anyone from owning or breeding dogs as we as humans keep lowering the bar and breeding animals that are unhealthy and have issues. The bostons was a dog that was 30 lbs or better we have continue to downsize until we now have dogs that require veternary intervention to have their litters and have numerous health issues if we continue there will be no bostons as the kennel clubs are coming down hard on the breeds that cannot make it on their own. IE dogs that require c-sections will only be able to have 1 section then spayed do the research people y0u are making the vets rich

    • profile image

      Shannon and Steven 

      8 years ago

      I am very interested in buying a teacup boston ,I already own a female white boston and understand fully the requirements of owning a boston and all of their needs! Please contact me at


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