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Ten Reasons to Brush Your Cat

Updated on August 20, 2014

Brush Your Kitty

Why Brush Your Cat?

1. Avoid Mats
Long hair cats' fur will mat into clumps if not brushed. Try to brush your long-haired cat's fur daily, or at least a few times weekly to help prevent tangles. Brush short-haired cats at least weekly. If your cat does have a mat, try using a comb with wide teeth to loosen the mat. If your cat starts squirming a lot, give it a break and try again the next day. The longer the cat has the mat, the closer it usually mats to the skin, which can make the skin tender. If the mat is really bad, you may need to cut it out. Be careful when cutting out matted fur though, because cat's skin is very stretchy and it's easy to nick them by accident. Take your cat to a professional groomer if the mats are really bad.

2. Reduce Furballs
The more fur your kitty ingests, the more furballs he or she is likely to spit up. When a cat grooms herself, loose fur comes off onto their tongue, which they end up swallowing. Cat's tongues are actually have small backward facing barbs which help them to clean themselves and help to scoop up water when drinking. What the means though, is their tongue is very effective in removing loose fur. More fur removed when cleaning = more fur ingested.

Brushing helps remove excess fur, which results in less fur in your kitties stomach when bathing (licking). In turn, less fur ingested results in fewer furballs.

3. Less Vacuuming
Regular brushing helps to prevent excess shedding, which means less fur on your carpet. That translates into less vacuuming needed. And let's face it...we can all use a break from housework.

The time in which it takes for cat fur to show up on your carpet can be an indicator of how much brushing your cat needs. Does it take a week of no vacuuming before you start visibly seeing cat hair on your carpet? If so, maybe weekly brushing is enough for your cat. If, however, you are seeing lots of fur on the carpet after a day or two, you likely have a cat, especially true for long-hair cats, that would benefit from more frequent brushing.

4. Less Fur on Clothes
Regular brushing helps to prevent excess shedding, which means less fur on your clothes. You may even save a little, buying fewer lint rollers. LOL!

5. Cooler Kitty in Summer Time
In the Spring and Summer, along with the warm weather, cats usually shed their undercoats (if they are long fur) and their fur thins out. Help them shed this extra fur by brushing them regularly. For cats with really thick undercoats, a wide-tooth comb works well to start out. Once much of the excess undercoat is removed, a brush helps to remove the additional excess fur.

6. Feels Good to Kitty

OK, some kitties don't like brushing. But the ones that do, really love it. And many kitties that originally don't like brushing, get used to it after a while. I've had some that started LOVING it once they got used to it. And since it's good for them, it's good for you to try to get them used to it.My cats all love brushing so much now, that when I start brushing one, the other ones come over begging for a "massage" too!

7. Kitty Looks Better

A well-groomed coat always looks better. Brush your cat to help him look more handsome, or her more beautiful.

8. Good for Kitty's Coat
When you brush your cat, it helps to spread his or her natural oils, which helps your kitty's shiny coat.

9. Removes Dirt

When you brush your cat, it helps to remove dirt, grease and dead skin flakes from their fur.

10. Helps Kitty's Blood Circulation

The tips of the bristles 'massage' your kitty's skin with the brushing action, which helps stimulate blood circulation. Increased blood circulation can in turn, enhance the cat's fur so contributes to #8 above.

Brush Types

Brush Type
Pin Brush
The "Pin Brush" is the type with little balls on the end of each bristle. It's great for massaging your cat's skin as you brush, and can help keep tangles out. Not as good at pulling excess fur out of long-hair fur.
Slicker Brush
The "Slicker Brush" has no balls on the end of the bristles, so is great for scratching any itchy cat skin as you brush them. Some cats love this (mine do) while for others, it may be too much.
The "Furminator" is great for thick fur, and especially for fur with an undercoat. It really works and helps to get the excess fur brushed out.
Coarse Cat Comb
The Coarse Cat Comb has fast become my favorite tool for getting mattes out of my kitty's fur. I use it sometimes to just comb one of my cats that has a thick undercoat, and it works well to pull out some of the excess fur. But it also works well to get out the mattes that seem to pop up overnight. :)

Brush That Kitten!!

Start brushing kittens so they get used to it right away. It makes brushing them as adult cats a lot easier.
Start brushing kittens so they get used to it right away. It makes brushing them as adult cats a lot easier. | Source

Cat Grooming

How often do you brush your cat?

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© 2011 Amber Killinger


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      We brush both of our cats daily. Peaches LOVES it and would let me brush her endlessly. Dusty tolerates it just so long and that is IT! as far as he is concerned. Despite the daily brushing and frequent vacuuming, we still wear out cat hair on our clothes proudly. Ha! Voted useful.

    • Amber Killinger profile image

      Amber Killinger 6 years ago

      Hey Ghost32. Your Precious sounds like she's got fur like my cat Shelby. Every time I comb her with a wide tooth comb, meant for getting out mats, I end up with handfuls of fur. She feels so much better after a good combing or brushing. I can brush her every day and get wads of fur, she's got such a heavy undercoat.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      My cat can't stand a brush, but she loves a fine tooth comb.

    • profile image

      Ghost32 6 years ago

      Very nice Top Ten reasons to brush your cat.

      Both of our current cats--a girl part-bobcat tabby and a boy part-margay tabby--love the brushing. Kitten Precious (the girl, duh!) is so enamoured of the whole process that we can't even pick up a fly swatter without her coming on the run to get swatted--uh, I mean brushed.

      She's also the premier hair-producer in this household. During the summer when she's in heavy shedding mode, I've often used the shedding comb at weekly intervals...and combed out a double handful of unneeded, loose fur every time.

      I've even tried to use the blood circulation aspect in reverse, brushing my own bald head in hopes of raising a little fur. No luck so far.

      Voted Up and More.

      P.S. VERY cool photo.