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Ten Ways In Which Humans Are Similar To Mice.

Updated on May 26, 2011

We are the same.

We as humans live in a society of laws, jobs, consumer purchasing, human rights and freedom of speech and the choices that we make. 

We choose the way we look, where we live, what we do with our houses, whom our friends are, those we do not like, places we enjoy going, starting our own families, committing crimes and living our lives. 

How much are we alike to our small furry DNA buddies the mice? Scientists claim that mice have very similar genetics to humans and this can be proved through a variety of observations, tests and ailments. 

Here are ways we are alike to mice. 

1. We live in a society with others where we regard our feelings and build lives for ourselves central around friendship and family. 

It is also true that mice do the same thing. They grow up and leave their mother behind, they mature sexually in the same way we do and they go off and meet other mice. Females can live in large numbers together, males will physically fight each other much like us humans. They establish friendships, groups and who is the leader of the group (dominant) and who is the sheep to follow behind. They can argue without physically hurting one another. One day they will come across a nice male mouse that deem well and good to produce a litter with where they will give birth and raise their babies to go off and do the same, to behave in a certain way and to learn basic skills in order to survive which is what our human parents teach us. 

2. They build their homes the same way we do. 

It is very true that mice build their homes in small boxes, walls etc and of course in their cages accordingly. They choose the bedding they have and how to arrange it, they do not toilet in their nests they remove any dirt. They have a specific area which they go to the toilet, they choose their favourite foods from their dinner plates or the wilds which they prefer over others and leave bits they don't like (like humans do) They arrange their cages the way they like move things around, tear things up, dig out places, build a nest in a way they are decorating their home the way they like much the same way we do. They also hord things up. 

3. Anything we can catch they can catch too.

Yes it is very true. Mice are susceptible to Influenza, Norovirus, Salmonella, E-coli, Hong Kong Virus, Common cold, Cancers, Eye infections, Respiratory infections and they suffer badly and end poor health problems from being in filthy conditions just the same way us humans do. 

4. They raise their young to be intelligent, strong and learn all the skills they need to build a life for themselves. 

Once again very true. Mice do raise their young up to learn how to mate with an appropriate male or female, they teach them to collect food, they show them how to dig arrange items, birth their own young and how to establish friendships and dominance the same way in which humans raise their children before they leave home and get their own life. 

5. We all have our favourite location. 

Be it the place we go on holiday, or the place we live. Mice are just the same. Some mice choose to go back to the place their mother had them to give birth provided she or another mouse is not there. They will select a place above all others to call home and build their life around. This includes pet mice, they build their cage the way they want there are toys they like, areas of the cage they like to toilet, eat and sleep in. Wild mice may frequently visit and area for good food, exercise, other mice etc like we humans do.

6. Humans ruin society, break laws, steal money and end up in debt. 

This is the case for so many families especially those who have large families such as 10 or more children. Mice usually have around ten babies and yet they do no damage. They do not break laws, murder others, get in debt or have children they cannot afford to pay and end up having them taken away. Mice love being mothers and males love to be fathers and just like humans male mice jump on a ladies back get her pregnant and do a runner and end up with five girls with loads of babies then off to get some more pregnant! haha!

7. Mice are well groomed.

We have showers every day or two, we wash our hands, use a toilet, wash our face and wear clean clothes. Mice do the same. They continually groom themselves and their cages. They have a toilet and a bed and areas they can just sit in. Often they will toss dirty bedding out of their cage like we throw rubbish into the bins. Wild mice carry dirt and wrong belongings away to get rid of them. They wash themselves and each other the same as we take a bath or bathe our children. They literally comb their fur like we comb our hair too. Amazing!

8. They are our partners in scientific discovery. 

Sadly enough they are our partners in science. Being so genetically alike we are capable of testing on them, running them through drugs tests, illnesses, genetic engineering, pregnancy testing such as implantation etc. They use mice commonly for these things before humans because mice are the safest to test on. 

9. Addictions.

Mice also become addicted to things such as running on a wheel. And exercise addiction is common in both humans and mice. Studies show that when mice continually run on the wheel for long periods they become addicted to the chemical changes, the good feeling afterwards and the exercise itself. Mice love to run on wheels and most of them do become addicted in their lives. If you take the wheel away from an addicted mouse they will experience and show the same type of withdrawal symptoms as humans do with smoking, alcohol and some forms of drug abuse. Amazing right? 

10. DNA buddies. 

As I said mice are genetically linked to humans in far more ways than monkeys, dogs, chimps and birds. Mice are so closely linked with us in our behaviours, our patterns, our life style choices and our genetics they make brilliant candidates for experimentation and of course brilliant pets.


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    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 

      7 years ago

      Pretty interesting...who knew? Thanks for sharing this information. We learn something new everyday.


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