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The 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

Updated on November 11, 2017

Today we will tell you about 10 breeds of such dogs which are considered as the most dangerous dogs, some of these dogs have been banned even after raising them.
1. PitBull
PitBull dogs are very dangerous and aggressive. In many countries in the world, the PitBull species are banned to raise. Special training is needed to raise these dogs, if they are not controlled properly then they are proven to be deadly. In the year 2014, around 22 people have been killed by the attack of PitBull in America.
2. Rottweiler
The dogs of the Rottweiler breed are so powerful and angry, that if they bite someone with their full force, then they can die. In America, many people have been killed by the bite of Rottweiler dogs. It bites with a pressure of 148 kg.
3. German Shepherd
When we hear the name of the German Shepherd, we think of the Police or the Security Force, because German Shepherds are often kept in such departments. The German Shepherd's snuff power is very strong and they are very powerful. They bite with the pressure of more than 108 kg, after which it is very difficult to survive.
4. Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinscher also often kept in the police and intelligence department. Doberman Pinscher is quite powerful and loyal to their boss, but they are aggressive when they see a stranger.
5. Bullmastiff
Long-legged Bullmastiff dogs are very angry, powerful and aggressive. They are quite heavy dogs, they weigh between 55 and 60 kg. According to the news in 2014, Bullmastiff dog had cut a 13-year-old child in New Jersey, USA, after which the child had died. Apart from this, a child in Texas was a victim of this dog attack.
6. Husky
Husky species of dogs are dangerous, intelligent and powerful. Their strength can be estimated from the fact that these dogs are used to pull the car in the snowy hillside area. But if it gets aggressive then it can be proven deadly. Between 1979 and 1993, about 15 people have lost their lives in the US due to the bite of this species.
7. Malamute
Dogs of Malamute species are found in North America only, their size resembles the wolf. Those dogs weighing 34 to 49 kg are very agile and intelligent, but if they become invasive, then they can take somebody's life. Between 1966 and 1980, this dog’s bite has reported 5 deaths.
8. Wolf-Dog Hybrids
Looking at the dogs of this species, you will feel that this is a wolf but they are not Wolves but Wolff-like hybrid dogs. In many states in America, there is a ban on the maintenance of these dogs because they are very angry and can be killed by their attack. According to the statistics, between 1979 and 1998, with the bite of these dogs, nearly 14 people have lost their lives in the US.
9. Boxer
Boxer is very powerful, their jaws are so strong that if it gets hold of someone then it is almost impossible to escape from them. In terms of security, many people keep them domestically.
10. Great Dane
The dog of this species is also known as the Killing Machine because if this dog comes in its offensive nature, then it can kill anyone. People keep them in their homes, but if they are not trained properly, then they become uncontrollable and also prove to be fatal, so it is very necessary to take special training before they can be groomed.


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