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Top 10 Tallest Dogs of White Color

Updated on October 14, 2016

Are you looking for a tall and giant dog of white colour? Though the coat and color of dogs don’t affect their personality, but many people have a color preference of white color. Usually small and toy dogs come in white color, but there are many dogs which are tall and available in white color. If you like a tall dog of white color and looking for one as a pet, then you may find this list useful for making the choice.

1. Great Pyrenees

The Pyrenees mountain dogs are giant, tall dogs native to the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France and northern Spain. They were developed to protect livestock and help in sheep and goat herding. Sometimes they are mistaken as Pyrenean mastiff dogs, but both are different breeds. Pyrenees mountain dogs are also known as the Great Pyrenees in North America, they are adorable, devoted, intelligent, powerful and friendly dogs.

Physical traits:

Origin: Pyrenees Mountains of southern France and northern Spain.

Height: Male 27-32 inches (69-81 cm), Female 25-29 inches (63-74 cm)

Weight: Male: 50-54 kg, Female: 36-41 kg

Life Span: 10 -12 years

2. Rajapalayam Hound

Rajapalayam hound
Rajapalayam hound | Source

The Rajapalayam dogs are white colored, tall, short and thick coated dogs, native of India. They are also known as Poligar hound that were developed from, South Indian town Rajapalayam in Tamilnadu state of India, from where they got their name. Rajapalayam dogs were bred for personal protection and to hunt wild boar and other medium prey. Rajapalayam is tall, strong, courageous and healthy dogs that have great speed and stamina.

Physical traits of Rajapalayam hound

Origin: India

Height: Average 27-30, some can grow up to 32 inches

Weight: 32 - 42 kg some up to 48 kg.

Life Span: Average 10 years

3. Akbas Dog


The Akbas dogs are tall, white, strong and courageous dogs originated from Turkey. They are the national dog breed of Turkey. Akbas dogs are also known as Coban Kopegi, Akbaş Çoban Kopegi. They are intelligent and alert dogs, which were developed to protect livestock in cold mountain climate and they perform well on mountain tracks in extreme cold weather.

Physical traits of Akbas Dog

Origin: Western Turkey

Height: Male: 71-86 cm (Adult), Female: 69-81 cm (Adult)

Weight: Male: 41-64 kg (Adult), Female: 41 kg (Adult)

Life Span: 10-11 years

4. Kuvasz


The Kuvasz is tall and giant dogs, native to Hungary. Kuvasz dogs are ancient dogs which were created to protect livestock. They are loyal, intelligent, alert, courageous dogs which have excellent scent ability and hunting talent. Kuvasz have white, thick, dense double coat that varies from curly to straight. The Kuvasz is very protective and strong and intelligent dogs that are capable to face a wolf. Their white color coat was helpful to shepherds to identify them among a pack of wolves.

Physical traits of Kuvasz dogs

Origin: Hungarian origin

Height: Male 70-76 cm, Female 65-70 cm

Weight: Males 100-115 pounds (45- 52 kg), Females 70-90 pounds (32-41 kg)

Life Span: 10-12 years

5. Komondor Dog


Komondor dogs are white, tall and hairy dogs that are also known as the Hungarian sheepdog. Komondor are considered close relatives to Kuvasz dogs which were bred to protect livestock and property. The Komondor dogs are alert, intelligent and powerful and naturally healthy dogs which has excellent protection and guard ability.

Physical traits of Komondor Dog

Origin: Hungary

Height: 25.5 to 27.5 inches

Weight: 80 to 100 Pounds

Life Span: 8-10 years

6. Dogo argentino


The Dogo Argentino dogs are medium to giant, courageous, powerful, mastiff dog that have white, short and thick coated fur. They are native to Argentina and also known as Argentinian Mastiff. They were developed in 1928 for personal protection, participate in a dog fight and to hunt wild boar. Dogo Argentino was created by mixing Cordoba Fighting Dogs with Great Dane and other other mastiff type dogs. They are appreciated for their power, courage and protection. They defend their own, till their last breath.

Physical traits Dogo Argentino

Origin: Argentina

Height: Female: 60-65 cm, Male: 60-68 cm

Weight: Female: 35-40 kg, Male: 40- 45 kg

Life Span: 10-12 years

7. White Shepherd

American and Swiss White Shepherd
American and Swiss White Shepherd | Source
Swiss Shepherd
Swiss Shepherd | Source

The White Shepherd dogs relatively new breed which is created from the bloodline line of German shepherds. They are native of Canada and the United States. White Shepherds are also known as Berger Blanc Swiss, American-Canadian White Shepherd, Pastor Aleman Blanco, White German Shepherd, Weisser Schweizer, Weiße Schäferhunde. They are white colored, medium sized hairy dogs which were developed as a companion and protection dog. They are intelligent, keen, alert and fearless dogs which are extremely faithful and brave and reliable with children and small pets.

Physical traits of White Shepherd Dogs

Origin: America and Switzerland

Height: Male: 60-65 cm, Female: 55-60 cm

Weight: Male: 35-40 kg, Female: 35-40 kg

Life Span: 12-14 years

8. The Cretan Hound

The Cretan Hound
The Cretan Hound | Source

The Cretan Hounds are the ancient hunting dogs from Europe. Which are naturally healthy, energetic, alert, intelligent dogs that have great guarding and pastoral nature. They are ancient hounds from Europe that were developed from the Cretan Island of the Greek, around 3,500 to 4,000 years back. Though there breed history is not known, but it commonly believed they were buying in Europe from Africa. They have the good scent capability and they are a combination of sight-hound and scent-hound. They are reliable with children and other pets.

Physical traits of Cretan Hounds

Origin: Greece

Height: Male 55-65 cm Female 50-60 cm

Weight: Average 15-22 kg

Life Span: 14 years

9. Samoyed


The Samoyed is a medium sized, muscular, hairy white color dogs, which are native from Siberia. They got their name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. Samoyed dogs were bred to hunt and haul the sledges. They have great energy and stamina. A well trained Samoyed is a gentle, devoted, playful and very friendly dog that loves everyone.

Physical traits of Samoyed

Origin: Siberia

Height: Female: 48-53 cm, Male: 53-60 cm

Weight: Female: 17-25 kg, Male: 20-32 kg

Life Span: 12-13 years

10. Kishu Ken "Kishin"


The Kishu king or Kishu Inu is an ancient, white colored medium sized hunting dog from the Kishu region of Japan. They are very loyal and devoted dog, who are moderate barker. They are alert, intelligent dogs which have excellent hunting talent. At hunt, they prefer stubbles prey, rather bark.

Physical traits of Kishu Ken

Origin: Japan

Height: Male: 49-55 cm, Female: 43-49 cm

Weight: Male: 14-27 kg, Female: 14-27 kg

Life Span: 11-13 years

Top 10 Tallest White Dogs

Average height
Great Pyrenees
25 to 32 inches
Pyrenees Mountains of southern France and northern Spain
Rajapalayam hound
25 to 31 inches
Akbas dog
27 to 31 inches
26 to 30 inches
Hungarian region
25 to 28 inches
Hungarian origin
Dogo Argentino
22 to 26 inches
White Shepherds
23 to 26 inches
America and Switzerland
21 to 25 inches
The Cretan hound
21 to 25 inches
20 to 23 inches

© 2016 ARADHYA


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