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10 Ways to Care for a Kitten

Updated on August 13, 2017
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I love animals especially cats. I have had experience with both cats and kittens.

Having a pet cat is great

Cats are easy to train they learn real fast. When you train them as kittens it will be easier to get them to obey you, as the kitten grows into a beautiful cat. Most cats like people so they will brush against you to get you to pet them. They look at you when you talk to them. Kittens may be cute and tiny but they grow so train them to be good cats. Once you have one you'll want another.

Ten Ways to care and prepare for kittens

  1. You will need a litter box. Clean it once a day. You can show the kitten the litter box but most learn from the mother cat as young kittens. When my cat had kittens they were about a week old and they knew what to do because of the mother cat showed them. This is why I recommend, the kitten be about twelve weeks old when you adopt it. This way the kitten will be socialized. The kitten will also be able to eat solid food at this age.
  2. A feeding schedule would help because depending on the age, kittens need to be fed 3-4 times a day. While cats need to be fed twice a day. There is kitten food both dry food and wet food. If you have young kittens you might want to mix the wet and dry food together so it will be easier for the kitten to eat. Of course give them water.
  3. If your kitten is old enough make sure you get it spayed or neutered. You can take your kitten to the vet for this procedure. Also ask the veterinarian if your kitten needs any vaccinations.
  4. When you groom your kitten you use a brush or a comb. Make sure the kittens ears, teeth and coat are clean once a week. You can trim the claws a little bit. Make sure the kitten is relaxed when you trim the claws.
  5. Make sure your kitten is free of parasites especially if you rescued it from outside. You might have to give it a bath if the coat is sticky or muddy. Be gentle when you do this and try not to get the face to wet. It's alright to dampen a cloth and wash the kitten's face that way it doesn't catch a cold. After the bath wrap your kitten in a warm blanket. This helps keep the kitten warm after the bath.
  6. It is a good idea to have a scratching post for your kitten. This can train the kitten to scratch on the post instead of any where else. Cats use scratching posts for multiple reasons one of them is to mark their territory another is to stretch.
  7. You can get a; cat condo, cat tree, or a cat tower. This way you have an area the kitten can climb,jump and play in. When your not there the kitten will have a place to look out a window. It can use this area hide or sleep in.
  8. You can get toys for your kitten. They love playing so cat toys will be fun to play with your kitten. They also like crumpled paper and cardboard boxes to hide and play with. Some kittens will chase after toys being thrown in the air and some like toys that roll around. See what your kitten likes the best then play with that toy and you both will have fun.
  9. They love to praised and pet so praise them often. They really like being pet and don't be afraid to talk to your kitten. Cats always listen even though they sometimes don't look like it. Some cats don't mind being on your lap when you pet them. It depends on the cat some just like to stay next to you and get pet.
  10. It would be a good idea to get your kitten a bed there are cat beds at most stores. This can help train your kitten not to sleep in your bed. The kitten or cat may also use the bed as a place to relax.


I hope this article was some help for those of you who are deciding on adopting a cat or kitten. Also for anyone who just took in a kitten or cat. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to put them in the comment section.


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