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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dog

Updated on May 13, 2012

About the Pet

A dog can be considered as a nice companion. They greet us on our way home. They may even be the ones we see first after a tiring day. We can almost say that they are the animals we have come to connect with. They have been around ever since we can remember. When one plans on having one, here are some of pros and cons to consider.

Advantages of a Dog

1. You can cuddle them

Their skin has been designed to be sensitive. Any show of care you give on them wouldn’t go unnoticed. You can touch them with an exchange much of reaction. You go for their belly and they might just as well lie back. They remember the spots where you most likely have their focus that they certainly recognized your smell. You may be tempted to touch with the cuteness they give to you. The tender you’re cuddle may be the more they wiggle their tail.

2. You can teach them tricks

Dogs apparently love to have Fun. You can see them much of their time playing as possible. They wouldn’t let any moment spent with their master to pass. When you call them, you quickly got their attention. They are genuine creature with tricks you can impart on them. Examples of which are fetch, roll over and count. With practice, you can turn them to a performer. The more you teach them, the more they be faithful on you.

3. You can secure safety

Every dog knows its own master. He can easily distinguished him from any other. His nose is sensitive much to have him for the job. By this, it has its benefit. You can be secured with the dog’s specialty. He can sense incoming person at night and when you can hear noise at night, he might be trying to alert you of someone’s presence.

4. You can improve social skills

When you take care of your dog properly, you are not only enjoying a habit out of it, but also improve the way you interact. How you treat others is a skill that enables you to get in touch with fellow friends. The dog may contribute to improving that feature of yours. You learn by your pet that having a pleasant bond is worth nurturing with acts of TLC.

5. Level up your responsibility

Having a pet dog isn’t an easy-go-lucky task. You cannot just assume that you can sit down and have the dog magically makes his own meal. It only happens in fantasy. In reality, you have to feed your dog on a regular basis. It’s a need required to keep him a healthy companion in your sight. You also got to give him his bath for that fresh odor you get on cuddles.

Disadvantages of a Dog

1. Who cleans the poop?

Keeping a healthy surrounding may be threatened by the presence of a dog. You want it all nice and neat but having a dog could spell disaster. You don’t want one day waking up from bed and see dirt on your floor. You’re day may be ruined by it. it’s an unpleasant to imagine how you would see the dog for this so unless you teach your pet manners, you can only hope it never.

2. No fleas, please

Just the thought of blood sucking fleas in your backyard could give you goosebumps. Again, they don’t contribute to an awsm day. They are like stench in a shirt. Your dog may bring on the epidemic and certainly you don’t want them crawling anywhere in your where. You could be on work when your dog decides to visit the neighborhood and bring home the package.

3. Beware of rabies

As much as we know it, dogs have rabies that they have in their mouth. They have in their tounges saliva anyone would best stay away or prevent from. From birth, they have it already in them. They have consequences that must be treated if ever one is bitten with. And, having a dog removed of this threat could cause you.

4. Look at your budget

Dogs may come on a variety and if you consider taking one, then better look at your budget. They often don’t come free and the more classy they become, the more they cost and not just once for there comes their food which could also vary the numbers. Additional to the pocket is when they bitten someone and have rabies in them, now that would cost you another.

5. Vacation alert

School is out and maybe the office is at its break as well that it’s time for what you have been waiting for and that’s vacation. You gear up for the occasion but looking closely, without you who feeds the dog. You cannot simply have your escapade when you have a dog in the house. This implies to other out of town trips that leaves you’re dog hanging on the corner. You would lose a sense of responsibility.

Taking a dog has its both pros and cons. It can be a risk, an adventure or a ride we can go along with. A dog signifies a lot to his owner and you may see him as a pet or just another load to carry. Either way, you decide the way you want your days to flow.


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