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The Adventures of a Hyperactive Mutt

Updated on November 30, 2016

I'm not joking when I say she's hyperactive. If I didn't know any better, I would swear she goes and does a line of coke every time I put her in time out for being bad. Or maybe she has a Keurig in there. I don't know where she gets money for either, though she really needs to give me some tips. She probably uses those evil puppy dog eyes of hers to beg them off of people. Or maybe she has a gang full of evil pups like her that go out in the dark of the night to steal for her.

Who is this beast, you ask? I call her Belle, but God only knows what her real name is. Belle seems too innocent for a creature like her. I rescued Belle from an animal shelter back in August 2016. The shelter told me she was a little over a year old and most likely was a cross between a boxer and a pit bull. She looked so sad and lonely. She had a face that I just couldn't say no to, so I paid her adoption fee and took her home. Little did I know what I was in for.


She was a sweet puppy on the ride back home. Luring me in to a false sense of security. She laid down in the passenger seat beside me and slept until we got to the house. Once we got there, I walked her so she could go potty before I introduced her to her new home. I walked. And I walked. And I walked. She never went so I figured the people at the shelter must have just walked her before I picked her up. I wasn't too worried about it; they had said she was housed trained at the shelter, after all. We made our way inside and I let her make herself at home. She sniffed around a bit and then curled up in a tight ball on my bed. I went to my closet to get clothes to change into; I desperately wanted out of my work clothes. When I came back out, clothes in hand, there she was. Tail wagging happily. Mouth around my favorite bra. And a huge, yellow, wet stain on my fresh sheets.

That's when I realized it. Belle had played me good.

Author's Note: I love Belle with all my heart. I do not think that she is a beast or evil, however I do know that she is the craziest dog I have ever had the pleasure to call mine.

Also, follow me for more updates on what the evil beast is up to!

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