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The Baset Hound Spoon

Updated on December 28, 2012
Wacker with his baby lamb
Wacker with his baby lamb


Since my wife passed away in June I have had to sleep alone. This is a new experience for me since we were married forty one years. Since the weather has turned cold I have a new companion to sleep with. It is Wacker the wonder basset hound. He has always curled up under his covers hiding his head and most times his whole body but winters he always wants to be someplace warm also. In the four years he has been with us he experienced his first heavy snow. He loves the snow the deeper the better. I have trails in my backyard. He was like a snow plow. He romped around really enjoying himself. After about a half hour of this he came in and began to burrowed in his bed. I told him I thought it was funny that he got so cold. He looked up and headed back for the door and I let him back out. He went straight for a yellow area of snow that I swear spelled his name and at the end something dark and cigar shaped looked like an exclamation mark. I think I know how he did that last part (I hope the snow takes care of it when it melts) so I gave his an extra biscuit for being creative. As it does every day bedtime comes. My wife did not want to listen to music while trying to go to sleep. I found out I do. I turn the computer to you tube for a hand picked selection from the Beatles to the Beach Boys from Andy Williams to Simon and Garfunkel you get the idea I am a old fart stuck in the 70's. Just before going to sleep Wacker jumped on the bed. All of a sudden he nosed down under the sheets and he curled up behind my back. I was being spooned by a basset. He weighs seventy three pounds and is thirty seven inches long. He quickly was asleep and snoring. It was like being spooned by a midget and he was like a furnace. About two hours later he got up and laid on his blanket at the end of the bed only to return twice more before morning. I guess I can add a song to my play book it would go like this.

By the light of the moon have you ever been spooned by a basset hound in an un-amorous mood

His desires are few only to make a womb like Mom's so comfy that he would love to slip back to.

He would burrow like Pooh when he went into a honey tree to get a mouth full of it's goo.

With a mindless desire to cover his derriere and make is disappear beneath the blankets

Oh my he might say it has been a cold cold day and I must cover my body for I am anxious

That I may freeze from my head to my knee the most important parts of my greatness


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