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The Best Cages For Indoor Bunnies

Updated on June 2, 2009

It is great having an indoor bunny. You get to truly live with your pet and share your life with them. You also get to bond more closely with your rabbit than you would do if it only lived outside.

Once you decide to let your bunny live indoors, you will have to find a cage suitable for an indoor rabbit. Many indoor rabbit cages are wire topped, plastic bottomed affairs, which are somewhat ugly, I've always thought, and not very draft proof either.

Here's an idea for you though, why not get a small outdoor cage and use it as an indoor cage? Most small outdoor cages are far too small for rabbits which will not be able to romp around the house, but for a bunny which is let out to play for a few hours each day, they are actually quite a good size.

Outdoor cages are also quite often made of wood, and are more enclosed to protect your bunny from the elements. Indoors, this means a much nicer looking cage than one made mostly out of wire. Outdoor cages with pullout trays which slide in and out from underneath the cage also make cleaning up after bunny a breeze!

Outdoor cages (also quite often referred to as rabbbit hutches) are usually not all that much more expensive than ones sold for indoor use, and you can even use the top of them as furniture if you are short on space.

When choosing the right cage, look for the following things:

A solid plastic pull out tray. This will make cleaning your rabbit's cage much easier, and it will also keep any droppings off the floor. Don't choose one which has a wire floor, they can hurt the rabbit's feet and are not suitable for indoor use either.

A good size. You want a cage that is at least 2.5 feet long by 1.5 feet wide. If you have to leave your rabbit confined for a period of time, you want them to be able to move around a bit. You'll find that outdoor rabbit cages are normally bigger than indoor cages anyway.

A nice look. There are some very nice wood finished rabbit hutches out there, some of them might even look nicer than your regular furniture! A nice cage can become a feature of your room or home, rather than being an unsightly mess.

So there you have it! You can keep your bunny indoors in a nice warm cage without making your home look like a zoo.


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