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The Best Cat Brush

Updated on September 10, 2013

Something everyone can enjoy.

I would like to welcome my fellow cat lovers to The Best Cat Brush. I appreciate the visit and hope you will find what you have come looking for as there are a lot of great options I will discuss here. If you are familiar with some of my other pages and shoot offs of Best Cat Tree, listed at the bottom of this page, then you will know I have two cats that I cherish and hold dear to my heart. I have spent long arduous hours searching the corners of the internet for the best products for my cats. I like to make them feel like they are a part of my family and we get them the best cat products that actually work.

The products I list are the safest and most comfortable for my cats to get the job done. Some cat items out there are rated high but do not work and put your cats in uncomfortable positions. I look for ways to avoid this for our cat's sake. These sites have been created with the intent of saving you the aggravation and time of buying that product that does not work, also to provide you with high quality cat-oriented material and items.

The Task At Hand

There are different brushes for different cat's needs depending on what you are looking to do with them. The different types can vary greatly and can be used for different types of cats. If you have a short haired cat you may want to look into a soft bristle brush so that you can clean and remove shedding hair as well as dirt and dander.

For long haired cats you may want to look into a courser brush and one with metal bristles to untangle knots and also remove that dead and shedding hair. I have included the brushes here that you will need and what each is used for. As always I hope this information helps you and your cat. Also I want to save you time and effort when selecting the cat brush that will suit your needs and be the best for what you are looking to accomplish.

Soft Bristle Brush
Course Bristle Brush
Solid Bristle Brush
Long and Short haired cats.
Long and Short haired cats
Long haired cats
Used for daily brushing or finishing touches
Used for removing dead hair, knots, and dirt
Used for deep Knots and dead fur
Better for short haired cats
Good for both cat hair types
Best for long haired cats only

Another Soft Bristle Brush

The Soft Bristle Brush

This brush is mentioned first because I myself own two short haired cats. I use these brushes for them because they not only make my cats fur and skin feel good while brushing but they also clean and remove dirt and shedding cat fur. The soft bristle brush is used most commonly for short haired cats because the bristles are short and soft and will not harm your cat’s skin while they are being brushed. This is also the most effective brush for short haired cats because it will clean them the best and typically the bristles, while soft, are close together so what you pick up is not put right back where it was brushed from. This brush can also be used on long haired cats after using the Course bristle brush (see The Course Bristle Brush).

They are also nice because the soft bristle will allow easy cleaning of hair, dirt, and dander from the brush. They also can be easily washed when you are done. The handle on these brushes is also made for comfort for you while brushing your cat. Typically you will find a rubber covered or solid handle that is comfortable on these brushes. Do not forget that comfort for your cat is the reason to use this brush. Now instead of dreading this task my cats actually come to me to be brushed or when they see the brush in my hand, as it has become a sort of massage for them and something they enjoy. This is my brush of choice for general cat grooming.

The Course Bristle Brush

The course bristle brush is usually best for your long haired cat. These brushes are best because they allow you to get deep into the cats fur and remove the dirt, dander, and loose shedding fur. They are also great because long haired cats tend to get knots in their fur and with this brush you can easily remove them without much effort or harm to your cat.

These brushes are incredible for long haired cats because they do not deal damage to your cat when used properly. Their hair is long enough that your cat likely will not even feel the brush and it will remove all of those trouble areas. The brushes themselves will generally have close together bristles for removing shedding, dirt, and dander. They also come with comfortable solid or rubber handles for long periods of grooming.

Solid Bristle Cat Brush

Another Solid Bristle Brush for de-shedding and de-tangling!

Solid Bristle Brush

Among the close together course bristle brushes are the knot removing spaced course or "solid bristle brushes". These brushes almost look like metal rakes and are used to remove tight knots near the outside of your cat’s fur. These solid bristle brushes are not used for skin contact as they can hurt your cat and that is the last thing you want to do.

Then you will want to use the course bristle brush to remove small knots and dirt deeper in the cat’s fur. The Soft bristle brush can also be used on long haired cats after you have gotten rid of all the harder knots and dirt with your course bristle brush. The soft bristle brush can then be used to groom your cat’s fur into a soft, great, and naturally stylish looking condition without risking hurting your cat or their skin. You may even come to find that your cat will enjoy being brushed even though they used to hate it. It can make a world of difference to you and your cat when they are looking and feeling their best.

Cat brush anyone?

Brush Experience

Finding the best cat brush to use will depend on the job you are trying to do. If you are just going to groom your cat daily and want a brush for regular brushing the soft bristle brush is the best bet for any cat. It will keep your short haired cats fur looking good and manageable.

The soft bristle brush will also keep your long hair cat’s fur clean, not knotted, and easier to groom all around. I generally recommend both types of brushes for daily use. I would only use the solid bristle type brush when full grooming a cat as this brush can harm a cat if used too hard daily. I also don’t recommend this brush for a short hair cat. All in all these types of brushes are the best for cats and I used them both depending on how much my cats get into during their day.

A Day At The Spa!

All in all be sure to pick the best brush for your cat as you do not want to use the incorrect brush and cause your cat pain and harm when trying to groom them. Mentioned previously, I told you that my cats now enjoy the grooming process and look forward to being brushed. Grooming became a positive experience for both my cats and I because of the correct brushes that are used while I groom them. Instead of the cats dreading the upcoming brushing, they look at it as a day at the spa.


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