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The Best Cat Calming Methods

Updated on September 24, 2015

Bringing your cat to a better level.

When your cat is going crazy give them something that will calm them down the best. Some cats get very uncomfortable during certain situations. They will start to meow, shake, and can even get angry and lash out. Sometimes only a good loving owner who is loving and is there for their cat can be the only thing that will calm a cat down. Most cats love contact and a good pet or scratch under the chin or behind the ears does wonders for an upset or anxious cat.

What about those times when these things are just not enough? There is a solution for this dilemma for you and your loved one. We all know that a cat being uncomfortable and nervous is no good for them or their owner. No one like to see their cats in this state and no cat owner likes to feel helpless against the stresses of cat life. This page is here to help you find the best solutions for your cat, that actually work, to return them to their normal, happy, lovable state.

Have you ever heard of a dog getting scared during a thunderstorm. Well cats can tend to do the same thing during stressful situations. Some of the times that they can get upset are during loud noises like vacuuming or when housework is going on outside and is causing loud noises. A cat will typically run and hide in a familiar space. Now picture this familiar space being taken away as well.

For instance on the trip to the vet your cat decides this is not what they had planned for this day. There can be only a few things that will calm them down and because you are doing this to them it can be said they will not be looking for this comfort from you. A cat does not generally want any soothing while getting placed into a cat carrier to be dragged to the vet. This is where cat calming methods come into play and can be your cat's best friend.

The Calming Collar

The calming collar is one of the best ways to keep a cat cool in a stressful situation. One of the reasons this item is useful is because it is placed around the cat's neck. This is a great position because it's very close to your cat's nose which is where the scent of the calming collar is targeted. Also this is a great area of you cat's body for the collar because it is activated by their own body heat which will allow the pheromone to calm your cat down. A mother cat produces a pheromone that helps to calm down their kittens because they encounter new and stressful situations all of the time.The calming collar is designed to mimic this scent for cats and allow them to feel that calm and at ease feeling of the time they had spent with their mother.

Another great reason to use a calming collar is when other animals are around or being introduced to your cat. When other animals are around cats can be stressed out because they may feel like their territory is being taken over. This can also cause a reaction that may be undesirable for you and your cat. You do not want to have harm come to them or the animal that has come into the situation. Both animals could be harmed if one or the other is feeling stressful and anxious.

This is certainly true when introducing your cat to another animal and you plan on having them both live together. The cat collar is a great tool to use when forming an introduction because it takes the already high tension situation and puts one party in an easier state allowing them to feel comfortable around the other animal. This will also allow the other animal to feel calm and friendly so they have a greater chance of liking one another.

This has been used alongside the traditional method of introducing cats because it allows a better interaction between them. The collar is a must have if you are doing anything with your cat that may cause it to be uneasy. Your cat will thank you for allowing them this opportunity to be relaxed and calm when they normally would not have been.

The Calming Cat Treat

Another of the best cat calming methods is the calming cat treat. These items are great because they should be nothing new to your cats. Treats are great for any cat because not only are they rewarding but they are very tasteful as well. It can give your cat the sense of having done something right or just being loved for who they are. During stressful situations, sometimes regular cat treats can even do the trick of calming them down. However for those more high tension situations these treats are available at any time.

The calming cat treat is made with certain properties that are all natural for cats and allow them to calm down quickly and easily. These treats can also be used in combination with the calming cat collar if the situation really takes a turn for the worst. Remember this is about keeping your cat calm, relaxed, feeling happy, and content. It is not about giving you a sedative for your cat anytime they get riled up. Cats can be very hyper and playful animals and should not be given a calming treat on a regular basis as this is not what they are meant for.

The cat calming treats generally come in packaging that is great to keep them fresh over long periods of time so that they can be used when needed. Also this makes them great to take on trips with you so they are within arms reach if your cat is uncomfortable with car rides or cat carriers. Treats that calm are made for cats and have certain traits that allow a cat to feel its best even when the environment they are in may not be the best. Another time calming cat treats come in handy is during animal introduction. These are great in combination with the introduction process of cats. The right methods are always great to use together to make your cat feel its finest and the calming cat treat is one of these methods.

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By your cat, for your cat!

The best cat calming methods are one of the few things that actually work when attempting to make your cat feel happy,comfortable,calm, and relaxed during situations that can make them feel their worst. These products are also incredible because they are made and tested with your cat's needs at heart. The ingredients used in the cat calming collar and the cat calming treats are made using natural items that have been found in a cat's early life and throughout their life that calms them down.

As has been previously mentioned a mother cat can have certain pheromones that allow her kittens to be comforted during their first few weeks in this world. Kittens are always encountering new things and being with a litter of kittens they are also experiencing new animals for their first days on earth. While encountering all of these new things kittens can become very distressed in their new environments. The mother cat has these pheromones to keep her kitten calm in these times of need and this is what has been put into these calming products. They also contain different mineral and elements that are contained in a mother's milk which also has calming properties. These products are great because they are from cats, for cats everywhere.

Use with care.

These products are meant for stressful situations that can cause a great deal of anxiety in cats. They should not be used at all times as this can cause your cat to be more uncomfortable with the items when they are not needed. Some of the situations include car trips, pet introduction, loud environments, vet visits, a new home, a pet sitter visit, and even human introduction. If you'll notice we did not mention everyday events because they should not be used everyday. It cannot be stressed enough that cats only need these products during certain events and should not be used daily. They generally are not harmful to cats but if misused they can have your cat in a state it is not comfortable being in. Please use care and thought when using these product and most of all keep your cat comfortable when they need it. Care for your cat and they will care for you!


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great tips on calming your cats. A head rub and scratch usually works for my cats. I might take a look into the cat calming treats and collars in the future. Voted up!