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The Best Cat Carrier

Updated on September 10, 2013
Cats loving their cat carrier!
Cats loving their cat carrier!

Our Perspective!

Welcome to new visitors and for those of you coming from Best Cat Tree, Welcome to The Best Cat Carrier. As I’ve mentioned we own two cats and our growing and learning curve has been quite the adventure. I have spent a lot of time on the internet searching for the most cat gratifying products for our cats. I would like to save you the time and frustration I have had to bare and host my experience in one place. This is done with the hope that you will find what you're looking for here and not have to spend all of your time and energy searching the internet with nothing but stress to show for it.

Before we took our first trip with our new cat I went out looking for a cat carrier that would keep my cat safe and comfortable and was the best for trips to and from the vet. I began to think that if I was going to the doctor to get poked, prodded, and stuck with shots I wouldn't want to be stuck in a box that was hard, dark, and I didn’t know where I was. So my search began, and it did take some time surprisingly, but I eventually found the carrier that was just right for my cat’s needs and some of my own. At this time I would like to make you aware I only owned one cat and this was my first.

The day I decided to bring home my second cat I knew I already had a carrier that was best for my first cat, so I figured I could use this to tote my second cat home. In the place where we got our second cat there was a variety of animals. My first cat was used to this sort of thing and I think she actually enjoyed being able to see the other animals.

This was not the case with my second cat. I knew at that moment I needed something different to carry both of my cats in while we were making trips. What worked for the first cat did not work for the second and so the search began for carriers that worked for both of my cat’s needs and comforts. The following is my experience. I hope it helps and was not all in vain!

Medium Soft Sided Carrier

The Soft Sided Cat Carrier

The soft sided carrier is what I have found is best for my first cat. This carrier is the one I use because it best suits my cat's needs. How I found this cat carrier was the best one for my cat is because I had some experiences while taking my cat home from the place we got her that told me a few things.

I did not have a carrier for her the first time we brought her home. I carried her in my arms and while we were walking through areas with dogs and cats I found out she did not mind other animals as much as some other cats had. As I had mentioned previously, on Best Cat Tree, I watched my cat’s behavior a lot during the first few months to determine what made her comfortable and uncomfortable and to find out what type of cat she was.

This is the best cat carrier for my cat and it is for the following reasons. The soft sided carrier is comfortable as it does not have all the hard plastic other carriers do. It is large enough that my cat is not crammed into a hard box while traveling which reduces stress and makes a much better experience for all of us. The soft sides also have mesh siding to be placed into the carrier which is another great feature that makes my cat more comfortable. She is able to peer through the mesh, which is a strong rubberized material, and it allows her to see everything that is going on outside and who or what is surrounding her.

Also the same mesh that gives our cat comfort through sight of the outside world also gives comfort because it’s enough to give the feeling of being behind something and being protected. On the inside the floor is a soft piece of floor material that is coated with a fur like exterior so it is solid yet comfortable at the same time. It also keeps the cat’s underside warm in case they had to have that region shaved for any reason such as a spaying.

As far as access goes, this case is very nice because it has a portion on the top that contains two zippers that can be zipped open and closed to provide a wide space to access your cat from the top. These zippers are protected with a Velcro patch so that they do not accidentally become opened.

The top access is great because instead of fighting with your cat to get them into the space you can lower them in and it makes it a much easier process for you and your cat. Also on one of the front or back sides, depending on how you look at the carrier, there is an access door that will allow you access to your cat on a level plane. The beauty of this side door is that you can let you cat walk in or out on its own when you arrive at your destination. This way, if you are staying somewhere, the cat may use it as its home away from home and be all the more comfortable.

This is also a great cat carrier because of the different ways it offers you to carry your cat comfortably. It comes with two handles on the top of the case that allow you to carry it in one hand and maneuver it as needed. If you have a heavier cat or are carrying your cat a longer distance this is also great because it comes with a shoulder strap attachment. This will allow you to sling the tote over your shoulder and not strain your arm muscles or be uncomfortable while carrying your cat.

Your loved one will also be comfortable and appreciate you for getting this case because on the inside, no matter which handle you use, the material it is made with makes it less of a rough ride on your loved one as it is not solid. This is my best choice for my first Cat and I highly recommend this Carrier if your cat exhibits any qualities similar to my own.

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Luxury Solid Sided Carrier!

The Solid Sided Cat Carrier

Now that you have some background on my first cat, I offer you the experience my second cat has given me while traveling with a pet. When I first got my second cat I was already in the habit of taking note of how cats acted and behaved.

I claim to be no expert but I can now tell when a cat is uncomfortable and for the most part what type of cat they are by how they act and the research I have done on cat behavior. My second cat, I have found, does not like other animals with the exception of my first. I believe she is ok with my first cat because of how they were introduced.

We did not just throw them together to have a battle royale or a shock and awe campaign on them both. Although I have heard this can have the same result as a slow introduction to one another, I chose a safer, more indirect way to have our cats get to know each other. I did this because I have also read some bad things about the first approach. We put our cat on one side of the house with a blanket behind closed doors for a day which she slept on. Then I took the blanket and gave it to the other cat and vice versa for them to get used to each other’s scent. Then we moved their cat dishes close to a door and put them down at the same time on opposite sides of the door. The next day we let them inspect each other through a gate. They responded well so we removed the gate. They have been together ever since.

However nice this sounds this only has worked for our cats. Introduce a different animal to my second cat and that lovable, cute, cat becomes something of a terror. This told me I would need to use a different approach when traveling with my cat as it may come into contact and conflict with other animals.

This is where a solid sided carrier came into the picture. After doing some more research I found that the solid kennel was the best way for me to transport my cat without risking her or other animal’s safety. The first reason I felt this was the best option is because these products are made of solid plastic and in my case steel caging for the doors.

The solid plastic is great when it comes to limiting sight of other animals and giving my cat a place to hide when others are around during travel. Now this plastic also has some holes in the side but they are along the top half so it offers sight to my cat through those holes and fresh air while still limiting sight and giving protection.

The metal doors are not so much to protect other animals from my cat, but to protect her from other animals. Animals can sense when something or someone is scared and can tend to feed on that to impact the other animal or person. I feel completely safe knowing my cat is protected by the solid plastic and steel doors and other animals are safe from my cat’s wrath. The solid sided case is also great when traveling because it cannot be crushed and keeps my cat safe and sound within it.

It also comes with a small bowl for food or water for added comfort. I have gotten a standard cat bed and put it inside so my cat is also comfortable while inside the carrier. The handle on this carrier also makes it a comfortable grip and way to carry. I say this because my first thought when purchasing this case was that it would only be an inconvenience to carry. I have not had that problem yet. The Handles and ways of carrying this case are just as easy as any other cat carrier. I am actually grateful for this because now I do not have to worry about the safety or uncomfortability of my cat.

Cat Tote With Proper Ventilation And Privacy Flaps!

Other Sided Cat Carriers

There are other models of totes, kennels, and carriers for cats that I have tried. I still recommend these types of carriers to you they just have to be used when you know your cat will be comfortable with and within them and that you are comfortable with putting your cat in them as well. I have included other forms and fashions of Cat carriers here for your viewing pleasure.

Remember just because these cases did not work for me does not mean I would not recommend them especially when they could be the best cat carrier for your cat. After all they have been included on this page where I could have left them out. These carriers are all great and were my second choices after the ones I have bought today. I am recommending them here because I have researched them and I only look for the best for my cat. I wanted to give you the same and figured you would appreciate getting other recommendations besides what worked for me, as our cats have all different personalities.

These next few are comfortable, affordable, and made with what I feel is proper and great craftsmanship for cats protection and comfort. Do you and your cats a favor and buy them something you both will appreciate.

Airline Approved Cat Carriers

Here I wanted to include some Airline approved carriers so you are not inconvenienced when going on a trip by airplane and looking for the best carrier to allow you to do so. These cat carriers are more than needed when going on an airline. They are comfortable and very protective for their precious cargo. They are airline approved because they are the best cat carrier you can get for your pet when traveling. Your cat will be able to make the journey aboard an aircraft safe and sound and you can rest assured that they are not in any jeopardy in these cases.

Some Airline approved carriers also come with wheels and proper adjustable handles that will allow you an easy commute and boarding with your cat. These cat carriers are the best because not only do they give your cat the best place to rest and feel comfortable, but they allow you to look and feel your best when taking a trip on an airplane with your loved one. Best of all they are all approved by all Airlines. Set your worries aside when traveling by airplane with your cat.


Now that you do not have to worry about making the journey with your cat, no matter where it is to, make sure you have a fun and safe trip. It is just as important to keep your cat safe as it is to keep the people carrying the cat safe as well.

Please keep in mind when traveling that we need to keep an eye out for dangers to keep us just as safe as our cats. They love and need us just as much as we love them. Please travel safe.

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