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The Best Cat Doors

Updated on September 10, 2013

One door closes, Another opens!

Good day to all and welcome to the best cat door. This page is here for you to explain the best way to let your cat in and out of the house. On the other hand it really has nothing to do with you letting your cat in or out at all. The reason this is true is because once you have the cat door, your job is complete.

Our two cats are indoor and kind of outdoor cats. I say kind of because they only go outside to the porch, which we have screened in, to go outdoors. That being said it became a chore always opening and closing the door for the cats to come in and out all day long. Not that we minded at first because we all love our cats. However, over time, it was not only a chore for us but it became one for our cats too. To go outside they would sit by the door and meow until we came running to let them out. Not only were we holding them back from something they loved but they didn't always get our attention if we were out or doing something in another room.

This was when a solution was needed. In my journey with cats I have spent dozens of hours, online and elsewhere, researching the best products for our cats that would make all of us the happiest. I began my journey searching the internet for the best cat door and as luck would have it I found what we were looking for. This item took a few modifications to make it the best but it was not hard or a lot of work. If you are looking for this type of solution look no more because here, in detail, is how this was accomplished.

The times before the cat door.

As was briefly discussed above ,also on another hub of ours, we went through many growing pains getting our cats the life they wanted. Our cats were the type of cats who wanted something more then lounging around the house all day eating and sleeping. The outdoors was something they have always been interested in and their curiosity had peaked. After the blinds were practically torn off the windows and the doors were showing scratch marks we decided to start walking our cats.

We started off slow and began walking the on just a simple cat collar and leash. Then as things in the outdoors started scaring our cats and ourselves we decided a harness was the way to go. Cat collars and harnesses are becoming popular and they actually do work. Life though, as it always does, got very busy. The time for walking our cats became much shorter and their yearning for the outdoors became much greater. After some time we eventually bought a cat lead. This is a wire that can be ran, preferably from tree to tree, and a leash with a harness attached to it that will allow your cat some freedom. It also allows them to get outdoors while you do not have to. These were all great solutions and I highly recommend them.

Eventually we moved from our small studio apartment into a much bigger apartment. Thus began the need for new solutions and products. My first experience of searching for and finding cat products along with our move was the inspiration for writing what you see here today. I am currently creating a cat oriented kingdom of all of the great information and product I have found so you do not have to spend the time I did looking for useless remedies. Everything I have made here is what has worked for our cats. Even though it may not work for your cat you can get valuable information by trying different methods out and finding that which does work.

The decision

Once things got settled in our new apartment our cats were very happy at first. Moving from such a small apartment to a much bigger place meant they had a lot of new territory to cover. They were able to run and play in a much larger space and we were able to get much better cat products for them. As time went on the cats started to realize there was one thing left out of their perfect domain.

In the new apartment there is a porch with a sliding glass door that has a great view onto a lake and some foliage.Different sights and sounds of the outdoors also came along with this view. Instead of seeing the occasional squirrel or lizard, because our apartment is in Florida, run by a window there was a variety of birds, frogs, lizards, turtles, squirrels, and even a small otter. It may not be an otter but that is the best explanation I have for it at this point. However with these sights and sounds our cats began to remember their times in the outdoors. How could they resist all of the new wildlife outside.

As the meowing and clawing started again we knew we could not wait to do something for our cat to make them content in this environment. We began letting our cats out onto the porch so that they could experience all there was to see and hear. So the opening and closing of the door began all day long. This was interrupted after a short time by a stray cat who had jumped onto our porch and attacked one of our cats. Immediately we knew something had to be done. I went out and purchased some screen,screws, and track to screen in our porch. After letting them out on the porch we wanted to keep them from jumping off and getting out. The cat attack was the motivation needed to complete this task.

The cats loved the porch because now could we not only keep the door open for them to go in and out as the please, but they had protection and could not jump off the porch. As most good things do this eventually came to an end because our cats started wanting to be outside at night. We always closed and locked our door for fear of human intruders and not so much fear of bugs and other things coming inside while we slept. It was a porch that was a story up after all and we had screened it in.

This is where I began my third search in this journey for a solution to this dilemma. Not only for our cats sake but for our sleep. The cats were scratching,meowing, and banging blinds around all night causing us to not get some much needed rest. Also this was affecting our cats because we love them and did not want to keep them from something that was healthy for them. I would like to mention that there are some things you have to stand your ground on with cats or they will take advantage of you. However we had the means to provide our cats with what they wanted and made them happy and content and would not be allowing them to think we would let them have everything they wanted. So I started searching online for cat doors.

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The Best Cat Door

Yes you can buy a cat door online anywhere but the cat doors for sliding screen doors are very expensive. In case you do not like the idea of doing a little handy work I have included this door here. Sometimes when things are expensive and I find a cheaper, just as efficient, way to do things we take that route. We purchased the cat door and found that it did not come with anything but the door itself. This became a problem only because our sliding glass door had a lot of room above the cat door where the cats were just jumping right over it. Also this allowed other animals or people to see that our door was open and left us vulnerable, thus making our purchase kind of useless. However there is a way we made this work.

After purchasing the cat door and realizing this was not going to work the way it had come, a few modifications were needed. First I went out and bought some 1x1 pieces of wood and plywood. I had some screws lying around that i used, but if you don't you will need some small wood screws as well. I then bulit a wood frame the height of the door with the cat door in place under wood frame. We were then able to close the sliding door onto the frame and cat door thus creating the best cat door. This allowed the cats to go in and out as they pleased while keep us secure because the wood frame protected the rest of the door.

Now a couple of things to remember. This takes only a short amount of time and a small amount of money and will save you in the long run. Also we have since covered the wood frame with carpeting to make it look presentable and it makes a great place for the cats to scratch. You could cover it with anything that you like to make it look how you want to. I used 1x1 pieces of wood because they fit snugly into my sliding glass door track and make a secure, sturdy fit. Also I have added a sliding glass door lock to the end where the door meets the cat door so we can lock it and feel secure. Also you can screw the door to the wall on the other side so you cannot get in.

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Mission complete.

This is the best thing that could have come from the situation because not only can I now customize my cat door to suit my cats needs but I did not have to spend an arm and a leg on it. My cats now have access to the outdoors at any time and they love it. I wanted to share this with you because it has worked so well for us. Our cats no longer complain about going outside because they can come and go as they please. Also this method can be used on regular doors with similar modifications. Better yet if your sliding glass door is not screened in like ours is your outdoor cat will benefit from this as well. As always I hope this information helps you and your beloved cats to have the best environment and relationship possible.


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    • bestcattree profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Florida

      Thank you very much. I appreciate it. This is just what has worked best for us :)

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      5 years ago from California

      Nice to meet you. Good idea.


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