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The Best Cat Food Bowl

Updated on September 10, 2013

Fine Dining.

Good day everyone. I have recently traveled a bit and did not have the ability or need to bring my cats on this trip with me. Before traveling it was decided that we would be leaving them to their peace at home. This decision brought up the need for feeding our cats while we weren’t home. As you may or may not know I own two cats that have been talked about quite a bit on Best Cat Tree. To go along with my two cats we have the need to give them the best quality of life possible as we love them like they were our children. When going away we decided we would need the best cat food bowl that was out there, specifically one that could support our cats for a few days while we were away.

Currently our cats have two standard cat food bowls and a water bowl to sustain them during the day and night. We are there enough to fill them every day or every other day so this has not been an issue. So when going on this trip in particular, since we would not be bringing our cats along, the search began for the best cat food bowl out there. The reason this was important to me is because I had first gone to a dollar store type of place where they had bowls that you would fill up and they were supposed to dispense the food when it got low. I do not recommend this way of obtaining a cat food or water bowl. These products did not work and only got food stuck in the compartment for my cats to look at.

This is what prompted this article. I thought I could save you some time and effort by providing you with the products and information that I have found that made this experience pleasurable for both my cats and ourselves. I eventually settled on a very nice water dispenser and dispensing food bowl, however I did come across some very enticing finds that I feel would be just as good as the ones I have purchased. I have listed them all here for your viewing pleasure and have given some of the details of why I would have made the decision to get them for my cats. After all we only want the best for our cats comfort and care.

Standard Food And Water Bowl

The food bowls I currently have, while I’m not away, are just your standard food bowls. I would like to touch on these a little bit so that you can compare them to the other types found out there today. These bowls are great because they are simple. There are no complex mechanics or things in them that can fail to provide the things that sustain your cat.

These bowls provide and as long as they are filled and kept clean nothing can go wrong with the standard bowl. I also like them because they are very easy to clean and keep full without having hard to reach spots and unscrewing tops to fill them up. I still use these for daily feeding and water as opposed to the ones I have found that are great for when we are traveling.

Dispensing Cat Food Bowl

The dispensing food bowl is a great choice for those of you who need a way to ensure that your cat will have the food it needs when going on a trip or out of the home for a few days. This bowl is designed to dispense food when the food in the dish portion becomes low. I have included here the one that I decided on for its quality as it actually will dispense the food when it becomes low.

The nice thing about this bowl is that it's just as easy to fill as the standard bowl. When you fill it up it will fill the dish and enough food remains for a number of days. It makes traveling comforting knowing that my cats will not run out of food while we travel. Our cats also like it because it actually keeps the cat food fresher as it is inside the container. As my cats eat the food, new, fresher food will dispense and allow my cats to enjoy it more.

Also the size of the container is great because I do not have to fill it all the way up if I do not feel they will need that much depending on how long I will be away. All in all, this bowl has solved the issue of how to feed my cats while I am away. I feel a peace of mind knowing that my cats have the food they need and that it is fresh and ready when they want to eat!

The Timed Food Bowl

While searching for the best cat food bowl I came across this interesting type of bowl. The timed food bowl is similar to the dispensing food bowl in the fact that it does dispense cat food. What makes this bowl unique is that it has compartments on it that are covered while one other compartment is open.

There is a timer built into it that allows the cover to rotate and open one of the other containers. It is nice because it has different settings of time intervals for those cats that eat faster or slower than others. This bowl compensates for each type of cat with intervals of 6, 12, and 24 hour settings depending on how much and fast your cat generally eats. Also it hold six compartments of food for 6 days of food supply. Anything more and you will want to choose a different type of bowl.

This bowl also understands that your cat may be eating when the time is up and will not change compartments if it has any resistance to the change occurring. This would have been my second choice were it not for the first choice working out for my specific cat's needs. I cannot see many, if any, drawbacks to using this bowl while on a trip or vacation for a week.

The Dispensing Water Bowl

The next item on my list to locate was a dispensing water bowl. I was looking for one that would not leak or spill over the brim and release all of the water on the floor. Not only would I have to clean this up but my cats would be without a necessity, water. I located this dispensing water bowl and was able to use it for a month prior to our trip along with the other products we had purchased.

This water bowl not only did not leak at all and withstood the test of time, but it also had a 1 and a half gallon reservoir. This was more than enough water to last our cats. This amount of water was not even halfway drained when we got back from the trip. I would recommend this water bowl for anyone taking a trip in the future because it holds the amount of water sufficient to sustain two cats for up to 3 weeks.

This bowl also did not and has not leaked once while I've had it. Like the dispensing cat food bowl it also keeps the water fresh in the container and dispenses when the level drops below a certain point. On some dispensing water bowls I have owned in the past the issue was that when the water level would drop low enough for it to refill, the tank would not stop emptying into the dish, thus causing a flood.

This has not happened on this bowl because it is designed to have the amount of water in the bowl hold the rest of the water in the tank using gravity and pressure. The level of the water in the dish where it fills back up is low enough so that when it has reached the limit it will stop any remaining water from dispensing. This is by far one of the best dispensing water bowls for my cats we have owned and I recommend it for your cats comfort and your own.

The Fountain Water Bowl

There is another product that I wanted to briefly speak about because I have seen it in my searches and have some friends that have the type of cat that only will use this bowl. This is the fountain water bowl. The reason I wanted to talk about this bowl is because some cat types will only drink running or moving water. You will know this cat type when you see them drinking out of the faucet when it is running and not typically using their own designated cat water bowl. The fountain water bowl is great because it allows your cat to get that running water type feeling from it and while you are gone you do not have to leave your water running.

This type of bowl is great also because it keeps the water moving not allowing it to stagnate. So like the dispensing water bowl it will keep the water flowing through it fresh for your cats. It is something I would not have thought twice about before purchasing it for my cats if they were this cat type. My cats drink all types of water including the condensation on the outside of my water bottle. They do not discriminate on water, no matter where it comes from. I also find my cat lying in the shower after it has just been used.

However just because my cats are this way does not mean that yours are and that is why I wanted to mention this type of bowl so we cover all cat types and their needs. After all this is not only about our convenience but it is about keeping our cats comfortable and having them provided for with what they need in the best form for them.

As Always, Enjoy Your Cat.

I hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I have while writing it and I hope it gives insight into your search for the best cat food bowl out there for your cat. I feel these are the best for our cats because they keep the food and water fresh and do not allow them to stagnate while we're not there. My cats have come to know that I only get the best for them and trust me as their care giver to do this. I would not short myself on comfort or quality when it comes to cost so, I do not do this with my cats. They get the best because it is what makes them comfortable and happy. A happy cat is a friendly cat and we all love our cats for the relationship and companionship they provide.


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