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The Best Cat Gifts

Updated on September 10, 2013

Gifts don't only have to be given on holidays.

Not only do we love our cats like we love our children, but we love to show our love for our cats by buying them the best cat products. We also need to buy ourselves some nice things so we can display our love for our cats outside of our homes. What we have here is the chance to do this with the best cat gift. Give the cat lover in you, or in your life, a gift that shows just how much we love our cats. By displaying these gifts we are representing our cats when we cannot be with them and are showing them off to the world even when they, themselves, cannot be there.

Not only are cat gifts good for cat lovers but they are also good for that person who would like to but cannot own a cat. People who love cats but do not have the ability to own one are great people to buy gifts for, especially cat gifts. Whether this is from living arrangements preventing them from owning one or other reasons such as allergies they should be able to enjoy cats as well. These are also great gifts for people who just all around love cats. From cat owner to cat lover the gifts here are nothing but cat related and everyone can enjoy them.

“When the cat’s away” 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set

The R & M International “When the cat’s away” 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set is a great gift for the baker in your life who cannot get enough of cats. They are great because there are 5 cat shaped cookie cutters and one mouse shaped cookie cutter. Now you get to play cat and mouse with your cookies. Not only do you get to enjoy or serve guests delicious cookies, but you can show them your love for cats at the same time. These are a top choice for the cat loving baker in your life and no household should be without them. Already gift wrapped with ribbon these cookie cutters are ready to be given upon arrival. They are especially good for the Halloween holidays as cats are a common theme. We leave the coloring up to you!

Chester the Cat Coffee Mug

The Chester the Cat Coffee Mug is another great gift for cat lovers. Made out of ceramic this mug is shaped like a cat. Every cat lover knows that some nights with cats will require coffee because they may decide that your bedtime is their play time. Give them this gift to have their coffee in after that long night with cats and they will thank you in the morning. Not only is this mug great because it is shaped like your favorite animal but it can also be purchased along with a cat shaped tea kettle, cat shaped salt and pepper shakers, and a cat shaped cookie jar. These gifts go great as a set for any cat lover in your life because they can be used by both the man and the woman of the house. The cat mug is a 14 ounce mug for hold moderately large amounts of liquid. It’s also recommended to use hand washing as it is made from ceramic and may get damaged in a dishwasher. These gifts also come in gift boxes so they are ready to be wrapped and given as they arrive.

Cat Ring Holder 3 Set

Have you ever been washing your hands after cleaning your cat’s litter box and run into the issue of where to put your rings? Or maybe you are no stranger to having lost a ring down the drain because it was taken off and having nowhere to put it they slipped off the edge and went down the drain. Do not worry about this any longer with this great cat gift. The Cat ring holders are perfect to be placed anywhere including on a sink ledge for quick use when you need to wash your hands. They avoid the need for wrenches to get your rings out of the drain pipe and allow you easy and quick use while keeping your rings safe. Maybe the sink has not been so much of a problem as just a place to store your rings before bed. This set of three allows your place you rings on the cat shaped holder for safe keeping until they are ready to be used again. Since they come in a set of 3 they allow you to place them on the kitchen and bathroom sink while also having one in your bedroom for convenient use. Never lose your rings again with this cat gift that keeps on giving.

Cat Kitten Measuring Cups

Another great gift for that cat lover in your life that loves baking or cooking are the Cat Kitten Measuring Cups. Made from ceramic these measuring cuts are not only quality made but they also look great. These measuring cups are shaped like cats and the smaller ones look like kittens. Giving you an accurate measuring device they will compare to any standard measuring cup and will give you that unique feeling you desire while cooking. In this set you will find four measuring cups with sizes ranging from 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, to 1 cup. They can also be used for cooking and baking as they measure accurately for any need in the kitchen.

Cat and Mouse Sculpture

We thought we would give you this last cat gift for the outdoors as we have giving all indoor products to this point. The Cat and Mouse Sculpture is a bronze colored sculpture that can be placed in garden or as a front lawn ornament. This beautiful sculpture is very nice for display outdoors because it depicts a cat sitting on a tree stump with a mouse looking up at the cat waiting. The long told story of cat and mouse is depicted here in great detail and is great for the cat lover in your life. This item is truly a great addition to your front yard or back garden and any cat owner will be glad to have this item on display.

To be continued.

We wanted to provide you with some starters for the cat owner and lover in your life. Some of the gifts here are hits for those who truly love their cats. We will continue to update our list of the best cat gifts and provide you with the latest and greatest of the cat world. This is a page for cat lovers who want to give a special person in their life that perfect gift and know that they truly enjoy cats. There are always new cat products being produced and coming available on the market all the time. We will continue you to give you the best of the cat world without leaving any items out. This list is far from complete and will be updated as we build a great foundation of cat related gifts. As with the other pages we have available because these gifts are the ones we have chosen to display it does not mean they are the only gifts available. These are just the gifts we feel to be best for cat lover and are always looking for new gifts to provide to you for your pleasure. Please let us know if you have any ideas of a gift you would like to see listed here.


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