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The Best Cat Collar

Updated on September 10, 2013

A Walk Through Indoor Cat Life

Hello again and welcome back to those of you who have been following Best Cat Tree hubs. The focus here is the importance of cat collars and harnesses. I would like to bring this up because I own two indoor cats that I love dearly. I wanted to allow them to experience the outdoors but was always fearful of what would happen if they ran off or if something were to happen to them while we let them out we would be devastated. This is where cat collars and harnesses came into our lives. I wanted to talk about these a little so that some value can be gained from the knowledge of what you can do with the proper and best cat collar. Also I will lend some experiences that I have had with them and now that I do not have to use them, what I have gained from my time when they were the best thing for my cats.

Yes there are all different types of cat collars and harnesses. While I will not be able to go through all of them, or let you know about the ones I have not used, I can give you the pros and not so many cons I have had. All in all my experience with cat collars and harnesses has been a great one and I do think that my cats would agree with me if we were to ask them directly. My need for them came at a time where we were renting an apartment where there was no outdoor patio or screened in porch to safely let them out. Our cats would always sit in the windows and look longingly at the outdoors. They were also attempting to escape the premises every time we would come through the door. We were getting worried about them getting out and getting hurt so we turned to a method we had seen and heard about, The Cat Collar and harness. The following is my experience with these items.

The Best Cat Collar

I Thought This Fit Well On This Page Also.

The Cat Collar

As the escape attempts from our little apartment became more frequent we had a good idea of where our cats feelings of wanting to go outside were coming from. We knew already that cats were creatures of nature and they had some type of longing to be outside. Also I believe now that the small size of the apartment didn’t help the situation any. However we had been told that after a while the cats would get used to being indoors and eventually not long to go outside. Some will say this is true and if you don’t give in to the cats they will not want to go outside anymore. This was not true for our cats and the weeks turned into months of escape attempt after escape attempt and constant meowing by the doors and windows.

After seeing on television and in books about people who actually walked their cats like you would a dog we began to put some thought into what that may do for our cats. We went out and bought what we felt was the best cat collar we could find and a short leash. So we began walking our cats and this is when things began to change. Our cats after being walked for about a week or so had just about stopped trying to escape as long as they were walked every day. The longing look in their eyes when they looked out the windows also became less frequent and there was no meowing or whining while they were doing this. They had excitement and hope in their eyes and you could tell they were much happier when they were being walked. The cat collar provided a great outlet for them and was working beautifully. They would even run over to us when the collar was brought out.

We continued to walk our cats and were pleased with the results we were getting for our cats and for ourselves. Not only were we getting exercise but our cats were too and getting everything they wanted while walking in the great outdoors. The cats were also very comfortable and content in the collar while walking. Until the day other animals started walking by us on our walks everything was great. One day when walking one of our cats, we happened to pass a dog on a leash coming up the same side of the road. This was where I could tell there was going to be trouble because immediately as the dog came into view my cat stopped. Then she began retreating with each step slowly pulling the leash and collar tighter in the opposite direction. The owner of the dog had seen this and said do not worry our dog will not bother your cat. I knew better and reached down for the cat as I could see she was slipping loose of the collar and leash. Luckily I was able to pick her up and let the dog pass. We then finished our walk and everything was fine. However it had gotten me thinking about what would have happened had she gotten loose if there was a dog that was not alright around cats. This is where I was introduced to the cat harness.

Cat Harness

The Cat Harness

The walks even though they were great started to become a problem. Not the walking particularly but the time to take our cats out and fulfill their desire of the outdoors became harder to fulfill. Eventually our cats when we did not walk them that day would return to their old behavior of meowing constantly and trying to escape. This was not a problem but I knew there had to be a better way. I went out and purchased a cat harness after the event with the dog had given us a little worry. The harness was great because it allowed me to have more control over my cat and her actions while walking. I could still pick them up if any danger came by but it also would allow me to know that they would not put themselves in more danger if anything were to spook them during our walk.

This harness was also working very well because not only did it keep me comfortable knowing our cats were safe, it kept the cat comfortable and very relaxed which I did not think would be the case. The cats enjoyed being in the harness just as much as they had in the collar and they were secure. Like I had mentioned previously however the time we had available for walks got shorter and shorter as life got busier. This brought up a new dilemma because we had now introduced our cats to the outdoors. So like the great cat owners I feel we are, we began searching for a new solution that would allow our cats their time outdoors while giving us the time we needed to attend to matters that were coming up. Thus I was introduced to the cat lead.

The Cat Lead

The cat lead I had found was a type of string or wire that could be ran across a certain amount of area and a lead or leash would be attached to it and the newly acquired cat harness. This was the best cat collar or form of that I have found to this day. It allowed my cats the time outdoors they had wanted and not only could they be outdoors, they could be outdoors by themselves. We had a small area outside where we set up the cat lead and this area was a small portion of concrete patio with another portion of grass and a few bushes and trees. I set up the lead so it would reach both areas that way our cats could lay on the portion of concrete and also experience the more rugged part of the yard that was the outdoors they needed.

I had also put a small cat tree outside that had a tower and a cave dwellers type cave off of the ground. This was great because not only did it give them an area to relax if they wanted some down time outside but it was also a great place for them to sit and gain protection if anything like another stray cat or dog came along and wanted to start trouble. We were always home when the cats were outside and could easily see them if anything went wrong but we felt it was best to give them a place to run if we were not able to reach them in time. This was the best thing we did for our cats because it afforded them the time outdoors they craved and us the time we needed to tend to our lifestyle without having to deny them their outdoor time.

This was the way we gave our cats what they needed while we lived there and it was very easy to put the cat harness on our cats and connect it to the lead and let them have hours of fun outdoors on nice days. Our cats when it was raining preferred to be indoors anyway so there was no argument there. We lived there for about 2 and a half years and the last year was the best we had there all because of the cat collar, Cat harness, and most of all the cat lead. I do not recommend putting your cat in a collar on a lead only because they could potentially escape the collar and we would not want that for any cat or cat owner. We have recently moved into a much bigger apartment and while our cats no longer go crazy being indoors they still prefer that outdoor time. At the new apartment we are very lucky to have a balcony on the second story that I have screened in for our cats to enjoy. They now get to go outside whenever they want and enjoy themselves but none of this would have been possible without those first two years experience.

Handle With Care!

I would recommend these products to any cat owner who has a cat that loves the outdoors but wants them to remain an indoor cat. Also always remember to use caution when using any of these items and if you do leave your cat alone like we have. Make sure you are nearby in case anything were to happen that you could be there in just a few steps or be able to hear if something sounds strange. The last thing I'd want to do in this article is to cause harm to any cat or cat owner because they were irresponsible and did not keep a watchful eye over their cat after reading this passage.

What type of collar does your cat prefer or work best for them?

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Farewell For Now!

As always I know this was a different type of format then you are used to here at best cat tree but I did not feel it would be easy to describe without first giving you some background on how it was for us. Also I wanted to let you know about where we live now and how great it is if you have the chance to screen in your porch for your cats I highly recommend this. It will give your cat the outdoor feeling they love while keeping them as safe as they would be indoors.


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