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The Best Cat Litter

Updated on September 10, 2013

It's a messy job but someones got to do it.

Hello and Welcome everyone to a branch off of the Best Cat Litter Box. Now you may be asking yourself, why would there be a branch off of this hub? Is there really more that you need to have the Best Litter box for your cat? The answer is yes, there is more and the reason is very simple. You can’t have the Best Litter Box without having the best cat litter to go in that box. Now that you have the recipe we will provide you with the ingredients to complete this masterpiece.

When using cat litter it can be a process finding the one that you and your cat or cats prefer the most. There are all different types and makers of cat litter and this is why we wanted to guide you on the one that we feel is the best. They are the best kinds for your cat and for you as the owner who does the cleaning. This litter allows your cat to do what they need to do and leave all of it in the litter box instead of getting it on themselves or tracking it around your house. There are other types of litter out there but we have found that these types may leave you with more of a mess than if you did not have a litter box at all. Again this is our experience and it may differ from user to user however these cat litters are what we have found works the best.

Arm and Hammer Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer makes some of the best cat litter on the market. Most of their cat litter is made as clumping litter which means it will form clumps for easy cleaning and will not leave parts behind in the clean portion of the litter. This is great because it's easy to clean as you can just remove the clumps in one scoop and while doing that make sure the portion left behind is the clean portion. Sometimes you will find small clumps left behind but the beauty of that is that they're still clumps that can also be cleaned out easily. This will ensure that the litter that's clumped isn't being stepped on by your cat thus making the box cleaner for them. Cats seem to know where and how to step around these clumps so they do not dirty themselves and track litter around your home. With regular cleaning this litter is one of the best types of cat litter because it also contains certain properties that allow it to smell fresh and clean at all times. Arm and Hammer makes different types of cat litter for various situations. They make litter that's stronger for multiple cats while it's also great for just one cat as well. We have included the different types here for your review.

Arm and Hammer Super Scoop

The Arm and Hammer Super Scoop litter is the original brand of arm and hammer litters. Some unique things about this litter that set it apart from other brands are that it's made with Arm and Hammer baking soda. This makes it great because it's the element that is the odor eliminator in the cat litter. Whether you have one or multiple cats in your home this litter does the job of eliminating odors. It's also a clumping litter that allows the clumps to be removed easily and will prevent litter from being wasted because the clean litter stays in the box. These clumps also keep the odors locked in so it doesn't travel throughout your household. If you are looking for a new litter this is the one that will allow fresher smelling air around the box and make it seem as if there's not even a litter box in your home.

Arm and Hammer Double Duty

Double Duty by Arm and Hammer is another one of the best cat litters. Some of the best things about this litter make it one of a kind; however it does not make it so much different from the original that you'll notice a lower quality. This model of litter still comes with the Arm and Hammer baking soda that we love about the Super Scoop but also includes a new carbon crystal that is purple in the litter. This crystal offers improved odor blocking properties that will make you not mind cleaning your cat litter due to the smell. Like the original this litter is clumping litter that allows the easy cleanup and odor blocking that makes it one of the best types of litter out there.

It also comes with 99 % dust reduction. If you have allergies this litter is the best for you because it does not have that annoying dust that gets everywhere. It also will not stick to your cat so they cannot track it closer to you and aggravate your allergies when you are not even cleaning the litter box. They have made this litter for you and your cat and give them the best place to do their business while also leaving it in the area it should stay to be cleaned.

Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat

One of the best litters that can be found is Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat. Multi-Cat is great because it's specifically made for more than one cat as the title suggests. This means that it is much stronger and is coated with baking soda for extra odor blocking protection. When multiple cats are in a home you can generally tell that the house you are in is a cat owner’s home by the smell. If you're a multiple cat owner you don't have to worry about this any longer. This litter completely addresses that issue and allows your home to retain its fresh smelling quality. Guests that enter your home will not even know you have cats until they see them because of the enhanced litter in your litter box.

Just like the other litters included here Multi-Cat has baking soda (not only in it) but the granules are coated with baking soda for that extra odor blocking formula. This litter is also a clumping litter that will allow it to lock in any additional odor the baking soda does not eliminate. These clumps like the other litters allow very easy cleaning and will not break apart and make a mess for you to clean. One of the benefits of having clumping litters in your cat's litter box are they allow you to remove the clumps while leaving the clean litter behind easily and efficiently. This gives you the benefit of having the clumps that were removed replaced with clean litter giving your cat’s litter box the freshest litter it can have.

Some other Cat litters

Other cat litters also have different features and elements about them that make their brand unique as well. Just because we have chosen to feature Arm and Hammer litters does not disqualify the others as being great litters. There are other brands out there that we have used and found that they are comparable to this litter. This is just the litter we have the most experience with and that our cats truly enjoy the most. It allows them the cleanest environment to do their business and to leave it where it falls. Other litters that are sold can be great depending on your situation as well. Do not only limit yourself to one litter when searching for the best for your cat. However this litter is certainly one that we highly recommend including in your search.

At the end of the day

The best way to find the best cat litter for your cat is to find the one that they seem to prefer the most. At the end of the day it's about making sure your cat is happy and likes the litters that you choose for them. Also you'll want to make sure the litters you're using are easy to clean up. If the litter you use makes it difficult to clean this can make cleaning their litter box a chore and chores are likely to get neglected. If you neglect changing your cats litter there are a lot of health problems you can cause for your cat. Also you will be causing yourself some trouble because the cats will no longer utilize this place to go to the bathroom. Thus they will start going around your home and this is something no cat owner enjoys. I hope this information helps and that you have the cleanest and best environment for you and your beloved cats!


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