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The Best Cat Litter Box

Updated on September 10, 2013

The Quest For The Best.

Hello and Welcome or welcome back if you have come from one of the Best Cat Tree pages listed at the bottom of this page. I would like to introduce you to our perspective on kitty litter boxes and which are the best for your cat. I have spent some time searching for the best cat litter boxes for my cat and I wanted to share what I have found regarding them. It is very useful to know about each one and what they do and accomplish. I have been through multiple boxes and want to save you the money and frustration of having to go through them all like I have before settling on the best one. I have also listed here the drawbacks of these types of boxes because most do have their drawbacks unfortunately. The best thing to do as a cat owner is find the one that works best for you and even with the drawbacks makes it the best choice for you and your cat. As we all know, this subject can be a dirty one so I will do my best to keep it clean just like your kitty litter box should be.

If there is one thing I have learned in my dealings with cats it’s that if you keep their litter box clean you will not have anything in that regard to get mad at them about. I have had my cats “go” elsewhere besides their litter box. The thing was, after realizing their litter box was not clean, there was no way I could be mad at the cat when it was my fault as I did not take care of their needs. Sometimes learning things, when it comes to owning a cat, is not just about buying things and trying what works. Sometime you have to experience the bad and find out what went wrong to gain the knowledge to fix it. I am here having done that for you. Here we lend you our experience so that you do not have to find out the hard way. I am confident you will find what you need here and what is best for your cat and your home.

The Standard Litter Box

For starters, I have found the standard to be the best cat litter box out there for my cats. The reason this is the case is more for my sake than for my cats. Don’t get me wrong this is the best box for my cats however, it also teaches me things about myself. I get to be held accountable to my loved ones and learn responsibility. It teaches me that if I do my part everything goes much better than when it is not done. The Standard litter box is the best for my cats because I can put the litter in it they prefer and not have to use a specific litter like some boxes will define. I have also found this box, when kept clean, is the best smelling and easiest to manage.

Another nice feature of this box is that I can have the top on it or off of it as well and not have to worry about the smell if I keep it clean. It is nice because the top also has a small filter that does its job when the top is on. This box also comes with replacement filters that can be bought when the old filter becomes dirty or foul smelling. Some of the drawbacks of this box can be time and effort. If you don't have the time to clean a litter box it can be inconvenient. Then again if you don’t have the time to clean a litter box chances are you don’t have the time to own a cat either, as cats need attention and time. This is the best choice for my own and my cat’s needs.

Bag Type Assisted Litter Box

The Assisted Cleaning Litter Box

The Assisted Cleaning Litter Boxes are litter boxes that are not like the Standard box. The main difference between the standard and the assisted cleaning litter box are the assisted box has something built into it, whether it is a grill or a bag on the bottom, which will separate the bad from the good. These boxes can be very helpful for those who don’t like using the traditional scooper. Typically the grill type assisted cleaning boxes will come with a removable box or container that will allow you to throw the bad portion of the litter easily away.

The Bag type assisted cleaning boxes typically come with some type of bag in the bottom, usually a pre cut garbage bag, that will separate the good from the bad litter and also allow you to throw it away easily. These boxes are great if you don’t like spending time scooping all of the bad litter out of the box and they can be quicker. Some drawbacks of the assisted cleaning litter boxes can be when cleaning the bad portion of the litter it won't get all of it or will leave some small clumps in the good portion of the litter. This is still one of the best choices if you prefer this type of box and the drawbacks can be completely removed with a little tender love and care every once in a while.

The Automatic Litter Box

The Automatic Litter Box is another choice that can be great for you and your cat. This type of box is exactly what it mentions in the title. The automatic type box has, most of the time, some type of mechanism in it that will clean the litter box on its own. This box can most generally sense when it has or is being used or run on a timer of when the litter box needs to be cleaned.

They can be expensive but the benefit is that it is an automated process for cleaning your cat litter. These boxes need the litter changed about once and month and you will need to also buy cleaning fluid for it that cleans the litter. However it still is cheaper than buying litter once a week. This box works by cleaning the litter and breaking down the bad parts then flushing them out either through your washing machine drain lines or you can have it dump into your toilet lines or toilet. This box is a great choice and works amazing at allowing you to not clean your litter box for up to a month.

The drawbacks of this box, like any machine, are that it has moving parts that can fail and will need to be replaced. The benefit is that most of these litter boxes come under warranty and can easily be replaced. Also the pellets it uses can get a little messy when you cats are finished using it, however it is the same as regular litter getting out of the litter box. Another thing is that it makes some noise when cleaning which could scare your cat.

All in all I feel this box is worth it for the time alone it saves and the drawbacks typically do not happen on most boxes in this category. Also it is cheaper to by the pellets and fluid once a month than it is to buy litter once a week. It is definitely something you should try for yourself to know if this is the right choice for you and your cat.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness!

All cats love clean litter boxes. I believe the reason is quite similar to our own reasons for liking a clean bathroom. If you think about it would you like to go into a bathroom that had filth in it from the last time you or someone else used it. I know I wouldn’t and I'd find another place to go when this is the case, especially in public restrooms. Your cat will do the same if you don’t keep their place to go clean and this is the reason why choosing the best cat litter box is so important.

Ultimately it will prevent your cat from wanting or needing to go to other places of their home to go to the bathroom. I have learned this the hard way when my cats were new in my home. That is why I have chosen to share this as a topic so you will not have to go through this as well. If you think about your cat's litter box like you think about your own bathroom you will not have a problem in this area and your cats will love you that much more!


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      3 years ago

      By far the best litter box I've found is actually a galvanized tub. They don't absorb odors like plastic. The high sides prevent litter being kicked out or cats going over the side. The round shape stops them from hitting the same corners every time, requiring less frequent scooping.


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