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The Best Cat Scratching Post

Updated on September 10, 2013

Cat Scratch Fever!

Hello everyone and Welcome to an extension of Best Cat Tree. I wanted to focus more here on one of the parts of a Cat tree that I did not give much attention to, the scratching post. The Cat scratching posts are a great item to have for your cat. They are important to have because they provide a cat with a firm, solid, and satisfying place to plant their claws. Instead of going for your brand new couch arm or the box spring of your bed you can give your cat the best place to do all of their claw work. A cat needs to have somewhere to satisfy their need to sharpen, stretch, file, shed, mark and strengthen their claws and paws. This is important to them and should be important to you as well.

A cat does not only use the scratching post for their claws needs, they also use it to stretch their bodies and need somewhere to grasp while doing this. Some other reasons a cat uses a scratching post or your furniture if you do not have one is because cats will mark their territory by scratching. They also use this post to shed broken, old, and unwanted claws.

Not a very well known fact is that cats have scent glands located in their paws that they will also use to mark territory. One of the best things to buy a cat instead of a trip to the vet to have your cat declawed is a few scratching posts. These simple solutions can save you the frustration of scratched up furniture and can provide your cat what they need to satisfy their natural need to scratch. It will also allow your cat to release stress and anxiety among using it for their other needs. If you are a cat owner/lover and do not have a cat scratcher here are some of the best for your cat.

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It's A Material World

Some common materials used to make an ideal post that your cat will actually scratch and prefer over anything else include Woven Sisal, Corrugated Cardboard, Carpeting, Fabric, and yes an oldie but goodie, Wood. These materials are not only what your cat will prefer but will become where they do 98 % of their scratching.

A small disclaimer, I do not believe that having a few cat scratching posts around your home will completely prevent them from scratching other areas. It is in a cat’s nature to be curious and scratch items that look like something that may feel good to claw up a little. Also they will scratch to mark an item as theirs so they know other cats do not encroach on their territory. However, that being said it is almost guaranteed that your cat will prefer the post over anything else thus reducing and yes, sometimes it can completely eliminate undesirable scratching. I hope this information helps you and your cat to have the best relationship a cat and owner can have.

Another version of Sisal!

The Woven Sisal Post

The Woven Sisal Scratching Post is the most common type of post that can be found on the market today. The material used in and on this post is woven sisal which is a rope like material that is a bit thicker and firmer than most rope.

A cat loves this material because it is something solid and firm that they can dig into and get the results that make them satisfied. This is also a close resemblance of a trees bark that will attract a cat to it, after all, cats are of nature and while out in the world use trees instead of posts. I recommend having at least one woven sisal post in your home for your cat. They will thank you in more ways than one.

Corrugated Cardboard

The corrugated cardboard cat scratchers are another means of getting your cat’s attention and love to fulfill their scratching needs. This material is pretty common because it is used in a thinner, refined version in everyday cardboard boxes. I mention this because we all know how much cats love cardboard boxes. If you weren't aware of this unusual love, I have gone into greater detail on this subject at The Best Cat Toys.

Cats also prefer this material because they do not have to put much effort into getting that sinking in feeling when clawing. They are also afforded the feeling of being able to tear into the cardboard to satisfy this yearning. This could be one of the best cat scratchers out there. The corrugated cardboard scratcher is also preferable because you can place some catnip on them and your cat will be drawn to this spot and have some fun as well. I used to be opposed to catnip until I was enlightened by some friends and fellow cat owners who revealed some health benefits of catnip for our cats. The Corrugated Cardboard scratching boards are a must have in any cat owner's home.

The Carpeted Post

The Carpeted Scratching Post is another very common post in today’s market. This material is great because it is carpeting. Cats love to scratch and tear into some carpeting. It gives them the same sinking into and tearing feelings that cardboard does.

On the other hand when it is placed in front of a post it is also more solid and allows for stretching of your cat’s body and removal of unwanted claw pieces. You will often find this material on Cat trees and this is why. The Carpeted scratching post is another must have for a cat owner and does not disappoint when it comes to your beloved cat.

Fabric Posts

Some posts are covered with just a fabric that can be dug into and torn so your cat can have the feeling of tearing things up. The material can vary greatly and is not set to any specific standard. The importance of the Fabric post is that your cat gets the gratification it desires when using this post.

Typically these posts are found less because they have not given the same cat scratching experience the other posts offer however depending on your cat’s personality, type, and habits this can become the most used cat scratching post for your specific cat. It is all about the cat when choosing things for them and keeping this in mind when doing so will show your cat you know what they need and will appreciate you more than they already do.

Wood Posts

Last but not least is the Wood Scratching post. This could possibly be the most forgotten post type and is yet another of the best cat scratchers. I bring this post into view here because if you remember I had mentioned that cats come from nature. While cats come from nature so does wood. This makes the two a great pair because this, when in nature, is their scratching post of choice.

Wood is a great scratching post for your cat because it allows the cat to get all the aspects it needs in a post and allows the gouges that cats will leave as another territory marker. They can also butch up this post to give them the feeling they want versus a post that has a predetermined feeling associated with it. Other posts are great but wood should not be underestimated.

When The Mice Are Away The Cat Will Play!

You may find another type of scratcher out there and this does not mean that is it not right for your cat. I have listed the ones here that I know work best for most cats. I have also listed that you should, as a cat owner, get to know your cat and their type and personality. This is important because when you come across something that has not been mentioned here you will know the correct decision to make for your cat’s needs.

We are all about finding the best fitting item for your cat to make them as comfortable as they can possibly be. Keeping your loved one comfortable allows them to be who they truly are and will give you the best relationship one can ask for. Then when you have that relationship you are also taking care of their needs which then will take care of your cat itself. It is the most satisfying experience to know that you and your cat have what you need and can really enjoy each other.


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