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The Best Cat Toys

Updated on September 24, 2015

Cat Toys That Stimulate!

Hello and welcome to all! I enjoyed creating this page and wanted to in an effort to dive into some detail regarding toys for cats and which are the best. It is surprising to me while looking online when I see a lot of websites advertising these fancy toys for cats and they are all electronic and complex. The toys I have found that my cats get true enjoyment out of and have the most fun with are the simplest toys out there. Some can even be made right at home without any assembly at all.

It is amazing the lengths we will go to serve our cats the best toys on the market and spend a lot of money on only to find our cats do not enjoy them. In fact I myself have bought some toys that I thought were sure fire toys because they looked very enticing to me and cost a fortune. Only to find my cats were scared of them or did not enjoy them like I had envisioned. Now some light has been shed on this subject and it has been found that the best cat toys are the ones I did not and would not have even imagined as toys. I have listed the toys my cats prefer most and the reasons why. I hope you find it as surprising as I did and that this page lends a helping hand when selecting toys that your cat will truly enjoy.

Fur Mice

By far, the best cat toys my cats have chosen over all others, and seem to have the most fun with, are fur mice. These mice are very simple. They are cardboard mice usually not filled with anything except maybe some cotton and wrapped with a mouse like fur. This is great because they are completely safe for our cats. If they were to eat any material that fur mice are made from it would not harm them as far as being toxic. They have fabric tails that are covered with this mouse fur as well.

These mice are incredible at holding a cat’s attention for hours. It does not matter if I buy them the more realistic colored mice or the vibrant green, blue, and even pink mice. They love them all. They are cheap and can be replaced easily if they get dirty, torn, wet, or stuck somewhere I cannot locate. I will usually replace them if I see any of these things happening to them because they cost next to nothing and no matter how many I put out my cats want more. It is just not worth trying to save them when I can just throw a few more on the floor and throw away the old ones. These are my top recommendation when it comes to cat toys.

Cardboard Box

The next item I would like to mention is the cardboard box. One day a cardboard box was brought home and emptied. While it was sitting on the floor and we were using the item contained within it, our cats were having a field day inside, outside, on top of, and even under the box. The cardboard box is another cheap and effective cat toy that they love more than the expensive, battery operated mouse that flips and makes noises and runs around chasing your cats instead of them chasing it.

Cardboard boxes are great because not only do they come with your favorite items but they cost next to nothing and sometimes cost nothing at all. These are also great because when they get too torn up you can just replace them and not have to worry about any cost attachment to them. Give a cat a treat and it will be happy for a moment, Give a cat a cardboard box and it will be happy for a lifetime.

The Cat Duster

The Cat Duster is another of my cat’s favorite toys. This is a long flexible wand with feathers or streamers at the end and is generally waved, bobbed, and slid around to generate interest and provoke a “cat attack”. The cat duster is a great toy because it allows me to interact with my cats and them with me. Not only is it fun for them but its fun for us as well. It allows us to play together and creates an opportunity to see my cats in their natural hunter state.

The feathers and streamers at the end of the wand create an attention point for your cat to go after and the long flexible wand allows you to maneuver the end so your cat does not have an easy time getting it in its grasp. We like the cat duster because again it is cheap and easy to replace and our cats have gotten the same enjoyment out of a new one as the one before. It makes great interaction between you and your cat and allows that bonding time we all love with our cherished ones.

Da Bird

Da Bird is a great toy for cats that are up for the chase. It is comprised of a plastic wand, a nylon string, and a changeable feather attachment. This toy is great because it gives your cat the interest it needs along with high intensity playtime they love. Not to mention it is a great source of exercise for you and your cat.

The feathers give the impression of a flying bird and make it hard for your cat not to chase it. They love the challenge of grabbing the feathered end. It is nice because the end comes with different attachments for when the cat does get a hold of it and tears it up, you can just replace the end and it’s back in action. Da Bird also gives you and your cat that time where you are both involved in the activity and stimulates and satisfies their instinct to chase and catch things while keeping them active.

The Crazy Circle

The last of the best cat toys I would like to bring some attention to is the Crazy Circle. I have found this is another toy that is so simple yet my cats cannot get enough of it. The Crazy Circle is made of a rubberized plastic and has a ball wedged in between the circular sides of the toy. It is great because it allows the ball to run freely through the track while never truly giving your cat the chance to catch it. the ball itself is somewhat of an over-sized ping pong ball and is also hard so it does not pop out easily or get crushed from too much use.

I have watched our cats play one on one with it as well as together. They both love to lie on each side and bat the ball back and forth to each other. They can be entertained by this simple toy for hours. The great thing about the Crazy Circle is there is virtually nothing they can break. The plastics of the outer circle are soft enough to bend and take pressure, but not so soft they break or crush. Also if it flips over the cats welcome the challenge of no top holes to catch the ball through. It is pure enjoyment for a cat that does not get old. It is also great because if you have more than one cat each can use it on its own, or they can play with one another with this great toy. I have had one of these in my home for over two years and it still gets practically daily use.

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Cat Entertainment!

There are many great cat toys I would love to describe to you here however this page would be a mile long. I have chosen these few to bring to you because they are truly the toys that my cats show me they love by using them every chance they get. Toys are great for cats for multiple reasons. They give cats the exercise they require and also they keep the cats mind quick and their reflexes sharp so they do not get bored with their environment. They are also great because when a cat is playing it is using the energy it has built up which will allow them a more solid rest. This is good for you and your cat because you both have time to rest. Keep in mind this may not be at the same time!

Cat toys are also the best way to improve your relationship with your cat. It shows your cat that you care about them enough to take the time and play with them. It also allows you the time to get to know how your cat’s personality or personalities can vary and gives you the time to see them for who they are. Each cat is different and enjoys different things. It is important to find out what they love and give them what they need. We love our cats and only get them the best things out there for their comfort and enjoyment!


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