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The Best Cat Water Fountains for Your Money

Updated on November 18, 2014

Water Fountains for Cats

Veterinarians often suggest using a cat water fountain to provide cats with urinary problems a fresh source of highly oxygenated water. Cats need at least one ounce of water per three pounds of animal. They are not only more likely to drink from a fresh source of water, but cat water fountains promote good health in the entire urinary system. Standing water often starts to develop bacteria or parasitic organisms that can be particularly dangerous to your cat. Cats can smell this change in the water and will refuse to drink it; you’ll often find them trying to lap out of faucets if the water in their dish is too old. So, which cat water fountains are the best?

Cat It Fresh and Clear Small Drinking Fountain

For $19.99, the Cat It Fresh and Clear small drinking fountain will cover the needs of a one cat household. The reservoir holds sixty-four ounces of water, enough for about three days, which is protected from evaporation by the exterior case design. It is a dome type fountain that sprays a continual sheet of water 360 degrees from a centrally located spout. The thin plastic walls make this a very light unit; when the water runs low, the cat may be able to knock it over and spill the remaining contents on the floor. This unit, unlike some of the other fountains around, cannot be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned. The thin plastic will warp from the hot water or during the dry cycle. Other than that complaint, the unit functions quite well, and the internal filter only needs to be replaced once every three months or so.

Pioneer Plastic Drinking Fountain Fung Shui

The Pioneer plastic drinking fountain Fung Shui version is a two tier black and white fountain that circulates water between the lower white section and upper black section of the yin-yang shaped device. The water then drips back down into the lower bowl to circulate again. The $23.95 cat fountain is top rack dishwasher safe, and the activated carbon filters last about three months. The sleek look of this fountain and gentle water trickle sound makes this like two devices in one, a cat bowl and a calming fountain. The sixty ounce reservoir means you don’t have to worry about filling it more than once a day. Again, this product is a great cat water fountain for a one cat household and would be at home in any contemporary décor.

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Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is perfect for the house with multiple cats. The three pool, two slide design allows several cats to use this water fountain without bumping heads. This is also one of the quietest cat water fountains that is available. A special clamp in the base of the seventy ounce fountain keeps the motor from rattling around so all that you here is the slight whooshing of the water as it goes down the two slides. For $34.99, this cat dish is superior to several of the higher priced models in both sound and design. It is top shelf dishwasher safe, so the monthly cleaning is as easy as detaching the plug and taking the top off. Filters last as long as three months depending on the flow setting you choose. The settings can be adjusted for slow, medium, or fast flow, and you can also control the temperature of the water. If your cat likes warmer water from a slower flow, then you can appease him. This is the best plastic cat water fountain and gives you the best value for your money.

Pioneer Ceramic Drinking Fountain Big Max

The Big Max Ceramic drinking fountain from Pioneer is a great alternative for cat lovers who don’t like dealing with the bacterial growth that happens in plastic fountains. The one gallon reservoir (128 ounces) is far bigger than one cat would ever need, but that doesn’t mean one cat couldn’t use it. The unit is easy to fill; just pour fresh water into the main dish and you’re done. There is an activated charcoal filter that lasts for three months, but you don’t need to use it if you use distilled or filtered water. And the unit is a breeze to clean; just wipe it down once every few months. The simple design fits in to any type of décor, and the weight will prevent even the largest cat from knocking the dish around. This is a five star product for sure and reasonably priced at $49.35 as well.

Drinkwell Original Fountain

Drinkwell is the number one name in pet fountains. Their selection of cat water fountains is unrivaled, and the best value can be found in the $53.75 original fountain with an additional seventy ounce reservoir giving a 118 ounce capacity. This product was designed by veterinarians with cat urinary health in mind. The flowing waterfall feature aerates the water as it falls into the collection bowl. This was one of the first major cat water fountains on the market and continues to perform admirably. The unit does make an audible humming noise, and the reservoir can be knocked off by a particularly energetic cat, but this is still an all around good unit. It is dishwasher safe and uses activated carbon filters to continually clean the water.

Although only one cat water fountain got a five star rating - the Drinkwell - any one of them could be the perfect fit for your household. The Drinkwell and Pioneer products are time tested and have very good track records while the Cat Mate and Cat It seem to be focused on a specific target group. The important thing is that your cat has fresh water, and a cat water fountain is the best way to do it.


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