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The Best Friend For Your Bunny

Updated on April 23, 2010

Sometimes, when you have a bunny, you might think that your rabbit is lonely, and needs a friend. Unfortunately, common choices of companion animals for rabbits don't work out. At one time, people thought it was a good idea to keep guinea pigs and rabbits together for company. However, as I can testify, there is a decent chance that your rabbit will respond to a guinea pig not by snuggling up in friendly fashion, but by chasing it around the cage or enclosure and trying to bite it. This is precisely what happened when I tried introducing a guinea pig friend to Wicket, the sweet bunny you see in my profile picture, and nowadays, the guinea pig has another guinea pig friend and they live in a totally separate cage.

So, if guinea pigs aren't good friends for bunnies, what is? Perhaps another rabbit? Introducing new adult rabbits can be difficult because rabbits are highly territorial. On the positive side, if they get along then they bond very tightly and become best friends forever. On the negative side, if a bunny takes a dislike to another rabbit, there is no way you'll be able to keep them together, even if you have a very large run.

So then, we've ruled out guinea pigs and we've ruled out bunnies. What is left? You! That's right, you can be your bunny's best friend. All it takes is a little time and patience and spending time with your rabbit that isn't entirely filled with you trying to grab and pet it. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with petting your bunny, and even the grumpiest, angriest bunny likes a nice head rub every now and then (up the top of the head, between the ears, for best results, never under the chin).

However many people make the mistake of harassing their rabbits constantly. Would you like to be someone's friend if every time you saw them they tried to grab you and squeeze you? You would probably hate them, and that is why so many bunnies seem angry and grumpy. It is better to spend quality quiet time with your bunny in which you don't touch it at all than to spend a little time picking it up and angering it.

Remember, all bunnies have different personalities. Some are content to lay in their owner's arms and be stroked, others will struggle to the death if picked up. You can usually teach a rabbit to stop panicking when it is picked up by being gentle and firm with it, but you can't change its mind completely. Bunnies are very stubborn animals sometimes.

Remember, it is your responsibility always to be the best friend you can be to your bunny. That means always making sure that it has fresh, clean water, that it has plenty of hay, and that the cage is clean.

If you love your bunny and treat it well, your bunny is sure to be your friend.


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      Rabbit Breeders 6 years ago

      What man's best friend is dogs? I say rabbits! Anyone else agree?