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The Best Hamster Toys to Buy

Updated on June 4, 2012
Some toys are even for are enjoyment.
Some toys are even for are enjoyment.

So you have brought a hamster home from the pet store or breeder and you think it looks bored. Hamster Toys will keep your hamster healthy and alert. Hamster Toys can help keep a hamsters teeth filed down because they keep growing and need to be chewed down on a toy. Their are many toys out their for hamsters from natural wood to dyed wood, to plastic toys, fruit flavored twigs, cardboard cut out scenes. Some hamster toys are even for are enjoyment as much as the hamsters. Like the toy to the right is great for exercise for your little hamster. Many toys are great for hamster cages. I found this really helpful Crittertrail hamster cage review site.

Importance of Teeth Care in Hamsters

Hamster teeth are like most rodents teeth and they never stop growing and can over grow very easily.  Their are ways to trim or cut your hamsters teeth when they get to long.  A lot of care must be taken when trimming the teeth of your hamster.  The easiest way to trim your hamsters teeth is to take it to the vet they can do it for a reasonable price.  Some problems that may occur when you try to trim the teeth, cutting the tongue, cheek or cutting to low and bleeding a lot.  Also the clippings can be swallowed and could cause damage to the hamster if they swallow it.  That's why hamster toys come in because they make a great source for your hamster to chew to help file the teeth down.  The wooden toys make a great chew toy for the hamster to chew on.

Hamster Toys That Are Cool For Humans To

Their are so many hamster toys out their that I find cool like the hamster motorcycle, the hamster car, the race track for your hamster to race their ball or car on. All of these toys are made for hamsters and are safe for hamsters to use. Their is just a endless possibility for your hamster to play with and for you to enjoy also. A lot of your pet stores will hold hamster races so what better way to win than to help your hamster practice for the Indy 500. This will help guarantee victory against all the competitors.

Building or Making your own Hamster Toy

Their are endless possibilities to making your own hamster toy I have a 68 year old lady that makes her own toys for her mice and hamsters and loves doing it.  She pretty much gets an idea of a cat tree and makes it happen with a hamster size in mind she uses fruit twigs, toilet paper rolls, hamster chews.  I have a couple of building materials that you can use to help getting your creative juices flowing.


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