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Great Small Dog - Everyone should Havashitz

Updated on January 26, 2015

Havanese Shitzu Puppies

newborn puppies, Havanese Shitzu cross
newborn puppies, Havanese Shitzu cross | Source

the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

There are as many different types of dogs as there are owners. How do you choose which dog breed is best for you?
We love our Havashitz and highly recommend the cross breed.

The most important factor when deciding on a breed is that they should fit into your lifestyle.

Every dog has different traits and characteristics. It is important to recognize that bad dogs don't become that way themselves. Dogs are, or can be, a reflection of their owners and how well they are treated, or not treated.

The time you are willing to spend walking, playing and being with the dog will define your life-long relationship. A dog will love you unconditionally forever, so care needs to be taken when making a choice.

Dog ownership comes with responsibility. Dogs need to be taken care of and loved, yes loved. Dogs cannot be left on their own for days at a time, and they need attention.

We chose a mixed or cross breed dog for two reasons. We couldn't afford a pure bred and we had no intention of spending the amount of money they ask for purebred dogs.

That doesn't mean we didn't chose carefully. It does mean I did my research for a couple of years before we committed.

We looked for what we wanted when we were ready to take on the responsibility that comes with dog ownership.

We were so happy with our choice that we bred her, just once, so we could have another of the same mix. So now we have 2 Havashitz.

I'm going to share the factors we considered when we were looking for our dog so you'll understand why we think Havanese-Shitzu cross is the a great mixed breed for dogs.

Great Companion Dogs

Falina, the mom
Falina, the mom | Source

Havanese-Shitzu Dogs

My research lead to a Havanese cross breed. My sister has a pure bred Havanese dog and meeting it a couple of times peaked my interest in the breed. It was nice to meet the dog in person, so to speak, I got a sense of its personality and disposition.

I have since met many Havanese dog owners and they all rave about the disposition of their dogs.

When it came time to buy a dog it was the Havanese part of the cross I was most interested in. As I searched for a breeder I found one who dealt with Shitzus as the cross. After some research on the Shitzu dog breed, I felt it would be worth meeting the litter.

Well the mother was beautiful, looked just like that broom dog in cartoons. The dad was a champion from the New York area.

I fell in love right away with the puppies, especially Falina. We were interested in a female and she was the only one in the litter. Lucky for us, she was adorable.

True to our list Falina, our Havanese-Shitzu fulfilled our most important requirements.

Newborn Havanese Shitzu Puppies

Havanese Shitzu female with newborn puppies of the same mixed breed
Havanese Shitzu female with newborn puppies of the same mixed breed | Source

Great Companion Dogs

Cookie, our puppy before her haircut
Cookie, our puppy before her haircut | Source

Our Dog List

Our dog needed to be good with children and with seniors, as we have both in our life. That means trainable not to jump or bite and to calm down easily.

  • Cookie, the puppy is still learning but doing very well. Both she and Falina learned very quickly not to nip or bite; we taught her to give kisses (gentle licks) instead when she gets excited.
  • Falina calms down with pats and Cookie flips on her back looking for a rubbing from everyone. She still jumps up but doesn't make contact with anyone, she stands on her hind legs and waits for a pat on the head.
  • They are both great with seniors because they just love to be held and that's what seniors want to do with these dogs!

My husband wanted a big dog at first but didn't want to commit to two 45 minute walks a day, which is the minimum a big dog needs. A smaller dog doesn't need as much walking time.

  • These small dogs are a perfect fit for us, one walk a day will do, but they'll do as many walks as we want, they're flexible and usually get two!.

Non-shedding was a necessary trait, I hate dog fur everywhere , as well I'm allergic.

  • Havanese and Shitzu's are both non-shedding.
  • Falina and Cookie both get trimmed because we live where they become floor mops of nature's finest products spreading it throughout the house.
  • They are very calm when they get their haircut, the groomer says she's never given a cut to a calmer dog than Falina.
  • They are so calm that I've learned to give them their trims myself. My husband trims their nails with no fuss. It is actually is a great bonding time with our dogs.

We needed a hypo-allergic dog. This means their fur is actually hair, which in turn means people with dog allergies don't have the usual reactions.

  • Both Havnese and Shitzu dog breeds are hypo-allergic. We've never had a problem with myself or any visitors reacting to the dogs either.

An intelligent dog, one who we could train without too much effort.

  • Falina knows her name and our names.
  • She was very quick to potty train and the only time we've had a problem with Cookie was when she was sick and and every accident she had was right in front of the door.
  • Falina waits for us to give her instructions and communicates her needs to us, Cookie is learning fast, she'll rub our leg with her paw if she wants us and we're not listening.
  • They both sit at the door to go out. They give a little bark and sit by their bowl if hungry.
  • During the night they wake us with a little whine to let us know they need to go out. Cookie being a pup still needs to go during the night quite often, mom goes along for the midnight stretch.

A dog that would become part of our family.

  • These dogs have proven to be loving, loyal and great company. They are exactly the type of companions we were looking for. They are our daughter's best friends and we adore their company.
  • Always happy to see us, and staying by my side when I am ill, these little Havanese dogs have been a great addition to our little world.

Your Say

Would you prefer a small dog or big dog?

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Be Aware

Before you chose this breed be aware that they are companion dogs. That means they will do best in a home where they can be with someone more often than not.

When Falina was the only dog I took her everywhere with me. Since Cookie has arrived I feel more comfortable that she has company to keep her entertained, so I leave them alone more often, but not all day.

They love being around people. They follow us from room to room and curl up in a favorite spot close by. They don't need to be coddled all the time but definitely love to sit on our laps and be stroked when we have the time.

Falina also barks more than Cookie, she likes to let us know when someone is on the property which is comforting, she is a little protective of us, which suits our needs. I think this is part of being a protective mom, her barking has increased since the puppies were born.

Everyone's gotta have one or two

So when you're choosing a dog breed take these points into consideration. If your needs are similar to ours, I would suggest you take a look at a Havanese-Shitzu dog, after all everyone's gotta "Hava-Shit" ;O) ...

© eye say 2012

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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 4 years ago from United States

      Great Hub

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Om; happy the video made you smile ... mission accomplished!

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

      The doggies in your video are soooooooooo adorable. I really want one, but too bad, my apartment doesn't allow pets! Thanks for sharing this hub. It made me smile :)

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Artzgirl: thanks for sharing your experiences and mixed breeds, much appreciated.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Simone; glad the video made your day!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      Deborah: our dogs can outrun the big boys! thanks for reading and sharing.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Eye say, this Video totally made for my "DAAAAWWW!!!" moment of the day. SO CUTE!!

      I don't think I've ever seen Havanese Shitzu dogs before- or recognized them at least. They sound like a truly fantastic mixed breed!

    • DeborahNeyens profile image

      Deborah Neyens 5 years ago from Iowa

      Sounds like a much better mix than my English Springer Spaniel-coonhound - a high strung, jumpy dog that bellows like a hound dog. But I love her anyway. : )

      My friend has a Havanese, and it is a good-tempered dog that can run with the big boys. I don't know any Shitzus.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      ArtzGirl; I just love dogs! and it's a great idea to check out the shelters. It sounds like you have two great dogs as well, they sound like great mixes too, thanks for sharing!

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 5 years ago from San Diego

      I have a wheaton terrier/chow mix that is absolutely adorable. She has a wonderful temperment and doesn't shed or have a distinct body odor. Her personality is very friendly and sweet, but she has a bark like she means business. She's been a wonderful dog!

      My grey-hound/shepherd mix is equally adorable. He's much bigger, a little under 60 lbs-- and is a very good walking dog, loves to run at the park, and has more of a look where people step back rather than immediately approach him. He's very sweet and loving in my home environment, but can be a defender and a guard type dog when I'm needing that type of reinforcement.

      Both dogs I found at the local shelter in San Diego. Camp Pendleton. I highly recommend finding your dogs at the local shelter. It has been a wonderful positive experience!