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The Best Rabbit Cages for your Rabbit

Updated on December 7, 2010

Rabbit Cages For Breeders or Pets

Choosing a rabbit cage can be a fun time for you and even if you have kids. Rabbit cages come in many styles and sizes and the materials their made out of. Rabbits come in many different sizes ranging from your minis and dwarfs up to Flemish Giants, English Lops and bigger. It's always best to find out what kind of rabbit you will be adopting or buying before you get the cage, Rabbits will run laps in your cage even if you let them out to run around the house.

What makes a great rabbit cage?

  • Metal bars
  • Plastic bottom
  • No wire bottom(It hurts their feet) (Sore Hocks)
  • At least 18 gauge wire
  • Kits are a great buy because they come with everything.

Rabbit Hutches

If you choose to keep your rabbit outside then you will want to get a hutch because it offers a cool spot during the hot months. It also provides shelter for your rabbit in the winter time. I like these because it protects them from the drafts and other wild animals but gives them a look out area to see you. The hutches are easy to clean and are weatherproof so they can withstand the extreme weather but ice enough to keep inside. Most even have the roof that opens for easy access to your rabbit for when you get them out. They come in many different sizes for those small to large rabbits.

Rabbit Cage Kits

Here are my favorite four cages for rabbits. I love these cages because they are easy to clean and easy to place in anyroom and for most rabbits it creates a perfect home for them. The rabbit cages that have wheels are good but usually not for large rabbits. I got the wheels and loved it at first until she got running around and was moving the cage all over my living room, it was like her little car. That's why I recommend the wheel less cages and definitely the kits since they come with everything. The cages with the ramps are great for smaller rabbits but the larger rabbits tend to break the top platform and can get hurt.

For Those Male Rabbits that Spray.

All the plastic trays with the metal bars are usually always great cages for males that spray. The plastic tray is usually high enough to catch most of male markings. You also can use urine guards that attach to the cage and help prevent urine from getting on your wall.


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