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The Best Toys for a Puppy

Updated on June 17, 2014

Getting a new puppy is great! That is until the first shoe goes missing only for you to see your dog has chewed the heel of your favorite pump. If you have a puppy you may find them becoming destructive or bored. Giving your puppy a nice variety of toys and chews to play with will help ease their boredom which in turn will get rid of their destructiveness. When choosing a toy for your puppy you need to make sure it is safe for your puppy, entertaining and appropriate for them.

Puppy Kong

The Puppy Kong is a puppy appropriate and safe toy for puppies. This toy is the same as the original Kong but is smaller sized for puppies and is made of softer rubber than the original Kong. Also this toy can be frozen overnight to help ease the pain of puppy teething. Like the original Kong the puppy Kong comes in many different sizes for different sized puppies.

If your puppy tends to be destructive when you are gone you can fill the kong before you leave and give it to the puppy. Filling it with a mixture of kibble and peanut, then freezing it can provide your puppy with tons of entertainment while they try to free the tasty frozen treat.

Natural Deer Antler Chew

Natural Deer Antler Chews are much safer than traditional dog bone chews such as rawhide. Antlers are a lot less likely to splinter because of their natural configuration which means dogs are less likely to choke on them. You may be shocked that Deer Antlers are much more expensive than traditional bones however they last a lot longer. My dog can finish a rawhide or pork bone in an hour or two however it usually takes her a few months to go through an antler with moderate chewing at least a few times a week.

Puppy Nylabone

Puppy Nylabones are a great toy for puppies who love to chew. These toys will help deter puppies from chewing on inappropriate items such as shoes and wires while easing the pain of teething. One great part of this toy pack is that they are extremely inexpensive and last a long time.

Tennis Balls

Tennis Balls are a great toy for puppies whether at home or in the park. Balls serve a double function for puppies by allowing chewing and giving them something to chase and retrieve. Basic Tennis Balls will do the trick however there are many types of Tennis balls to choose from specifically made for puppies ranging in size, durability and color.

Remember when choosing a toy for your puppy safety should always be your first concern and that you should always supervise your puppy when they are playing with a toy or a bone. Also variety is important, you should choose many different types of toys and chews to keep your puppy entertained. While you do need to buy your puppy multiple toys they don;t need to be expensive because your puppy may become bored of them or outgrow them.


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