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The Bird House | Giving Back to Nature

Updated on June 13, 2013

OK, let's try this again

Fall is here is most of the country. Winter is showing it’s face in certain areas. Isn’t it time you decided to build a birdhouse or two? It's a simply project that should just take a couple of hours for the first on then less if you choose to build more than one Cedar birdhouses.

As a much younger person I failed in attempts at building a birdhouse without instruction or plans. Maybe it’s time to give it another go. After all, there are so many styles such as decorative birdhouses, victorian birdhouses, garden birdhouses and many more including, and let’s give it a name like “homeowner’s special.” That’s where you don’t use any birdhouse plans and just let your creativity flow.

Birds Love a Natural Wood Bird House

We all should have one or more birdhouses in our yards.

Probably the most appealing and natural attraction for wild birds are wooden birdhouses. If you are thinking of inviting birds into your home and garden area, you will want to make sure that the habitat you set up reflects what the birds consider to be natural. Plus, no painting of your creation required which always works for me.

There are some drawbacks however, in using a wood bird house. Wood surfaces, due to their inherent properties, will tend to break down and chip off after being exposed to the natural weather elements. If the birds were to accidentally ingest one of the wood chips that is covered with toxic paints or have been treated with harmful chemicals, the bird may die of poisoning. For this reason you will need to insure that your wooden bird house is well constructed and made with quality materials such as cedar.

"Birds are Not Dumb"

Birdhouses with wooden construction are more realistic looking than other materials such as plastic or metal. I know it may seem like a small thing, but birds are not dumb. If you have a nicely built and attractive wooden bird house, the birds will find you.

Building a Cedar birdhouse in your area gives you the benefit of having a variety of birds in your yard. Birds have different options as to where they want to set up house. They visit and look around many different places. If you have a safe and nice looking bird house available, chances are they will set up shop at your house.

Here is a short video on how to build the basic Cedar Birdhouse. See if you can smell the Cedar and the sawdust as you watch this video.

Building a Birdhouse out of a Single Piece of Wood in One Day

Birdwatching and Relaxing - "Honey the windows need cleaning."

This is a win, win situation for everyone involved. Having birds in the yard is a way to bird watch and relax with nature without leaving home. The birds are happy in their new homes. You get the joy of being able to watch them.

Give a little thought to where you want to place your bird house and without a doubt you will find that before long a nice feathered family has moved in.

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